Mihin no more from October 30, Srilankan Airlines takes over

MihinMihin Lanka will cease operations from October 30 and Srilankan Airlines will cover the routes operated by Mihin Lanka.

Launched as a budget airline by the former Government, Mihin Lanka has been operating as a budget airline.

However the airline had been operating at a loss and this forced the Government to scrap the airline.


  1. Great!!!! The damage done by robbing the public funds to start an unwanted Mihin Air is enormous hardle to the people. When the war was gong on the idiots started unfruitful air line just to mark their stupid name. Rajapassas should be jailed for the financial destruction done to this country. stupid gam bettas ga battas who gave vote for these idiots dont comprehend the massive robbing done by the family and the clan.

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