Allegra Wijemuni: Taking the internet by storm

img_7737Social media and gossip websites are all abuzz these days about Allegra Wijemuni. Her stunning looks and eye catching outfits have made her today the talk of the town.

Born to Sri Lankan parents, Allegra Wijemuni has lived her entire life in Italy and has grabbed media attention in Sri Lanka as a model.

“I was born in Italy and have lived there my whole life. Both my parents are Sri Lankan, so I visit Sri Lanka during my summer holidays to see my cousins and other relatives, and I enjoy it really much. It is good to be part of two countries with different cultures and traditions, it makes me feel unique,” she told the Weekend Leader.

Allegra says living her life in Italy has been very advantageous to her in different aspects.

“My dad works in Italy but he is working on projects in Sri Lanka as well. I currently study in a fashion school in Italy and in a few years I will be done with my studies and I am hoping to come to Sri Lanka first, in order to share my passion for what I do with everyone there. I love my country and I believe that great things are awaiting my country,” she added.

Allegra loves travelling and she feels lucky to have visited several countries. She also loves to dance and it has been her hobby from the time she was seven years old.

In her free time she says she loves to pose for the camera in different outfits and her dream is to one day be a top model and an actress.
“I usually ask my friends or my aunty to take photographs of me and she always has been like my personal photographer. One of the major reasons that I push so hard to pursue this dream is to make my parents proud and show them that I can do it,” she said.

Allegra says fashion has always been one of her biggest passions since she was little and wearing stylish clothes, matching clothes, modeling and posing make her feel like herself and she enjoys it so much.

One of Sri Lanka’s top actors turned politicians has seen Allegra’s hidden talents and is looking to work with her on several projects.
“Rajan Ramanayake is waiting for me in Sri Lanka and we are planning on collaborating on a few projects soon. I have always admired him as an actor since I was little so for me it is an honour. Alongside modeling I like acting but I would like to start maybe with music videos, TV commercials, etc and then maybe enter in the world of cinema,” she said.

Allegra says she looks forward to travelling around the world and making her mark and sharing her passion with others. (Colombo Gazette)