Japan, India to sign nuclear cooperation deal

Japan's Prime Minister Abe shakes hands with his Indian counterpart Modi during a photo opportunity ahead of their meeting at Hyderabad House in New DelhiJapan and India are likely to sign a civil nuclear cooperation pact during a visit to Japan by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in mid-November, the Mainichi newspaper reported on Saturday.

The governments of Asia’s second-and third-largest economies are leaning toward holding a summit meeting between Modi and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe, the report said, citing unidentified diplomatic sources from both nations.

The two leaders last December reached a basic agreement for cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy, but they stopped short of signing the agreement, citing outstanding technical and legal differences.

Japan, the only country to have suffered a nuclear attack, has been demanding additional non-proliferation guarantees from India, which has a nuclear weapons program, before exporting nuclear reactors.

India and Japan have been negotiating the nuclear energy deal since Japan’s ally, the United States, opened the way for nuclear commerce with India, which has shunned the global Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

The two countries have reached a basic agreement during the working level negotiations that Japan would halt cooperation immediately if India conducted a nuclear test, the report added.

A final deal with Japan would benefit U.S. firms. India has already given land for nuclear plants to GE-Hitachi – which is an alliance between the U.S. and Japanese firms – and to Toshiba’s Westinghouse Electric Company. (Courtesy Reuters)


  1. Japan has not learn any lessons from Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing from US after end of second world war, after that LDP- leader of Abe become Primer of Japan!-(2012)
    Aba of LDP is almost in that working on wrong track in that nuclear policy had been diverted from past .

    Dealing with Indian nuclear issue is most dangerous game play by Abe’s Govt. of Japan. That is threaten to South Asian Countries as well as other part of world.

    Even after 2011 March 11 -which that Fukiushima Tsunami has tremendous damages People of Japan lost large number of life , ,property ,Economic and day to day life of North Part of Japan.

    Radiation is still that Air, Soil, Water and Sea all over North region of Japan.

    The ABA of Primer -Japan has forget that negative experiences of Tsunami 2011 March 11.
    By and large that so-called Peaceful nuclear programme with Indian is that wrong footing of Japanese anti-nuclear movement in world .

    Majority of peace loving People are unhappy with Japanese Govt .new move with Indian nuclear programme that undermined peace and stability of Asian region!

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