Wigneswaran draws flak over damaging comments

WigneswaranNorthern Province C V Wigneswaran has been accused of making comments which could instigate ethnic tensions.

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) said that Wigneswaran’s statement that Sinhalese should not be allowed to be settled in the North cannot be accepted.

“We condemn that statement,” JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva said today.

He said that by saying Sinhalese cannot be settled in the North, Wigneswaran is opening the doors for people in the South to say Tamils cannot be settled in the South.

Silva said that Wigneswaran was not only making damaging comments about a particular community but also a religion.

He noted that the comments made by Wigneswaran has not only been rejected by the Government and the opposition but also the Tamil National Alliance.

The JVP also said that they feel Wigneswaran was making such comments as he was now politically bankrupt.

The JVP urged Tamils in the North to reject his comments and support peace in the country. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. CV Wigneswaran is saying what he is seeing and nothing else. He is powerless to help the Government from forcefully changing the demography of the North. He is a retired Judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka. He is only reminding the Government it has a commitment towards reconciliation and what is happening and his reaction should be noted by the Government for the benefit of the Country. There is no record anywhere Tamils forcefully occupied any Sinhalese majority areas even during the time LTTE was at its helm. The intentions of Tamil leaders are opposite to the intentions of anti Tamil Sinhalese as you can see from the statements from JVP. What CVW says is not for the Tamils. It is for the good of the Country. He has no way and no capacity to do anything to anybody like what the Government is doing to the Tamils. The problem for you is he is not a Sinhalese! and therefore even if you say milk is black it is acceptable for those who see it that way.

  2. CVW is a appointed by TNA which is an ally of the current government.

    JVP or other leaders in the South question why the Catholic Church also ask the same and support CVW.

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