Fears of attempt to instigate ethnic clashes one again

KiriellaThe Government today raised fears of an attempt to instigate ethnic clashes one again in the country.

Highways and Higher Education Minister Lakshman Kiriella said that some in the opposition are attempting to block moves to create a new Constitution in the country.

He said that those opposing a new Constitution are attempting to create instability in the country and instigate ethnic clashes.

“When all parties in Parliament are attempting to resolve the issues there are those attempting to scuttle the process,” he said.

The Minister urged all parties to make use of the opportunity at hand to create an environment where all communities can live together as Sri Lankans.

He said the country now enjoys freedom and democracy and that must be protected.

Kiriella said the country can develop only if there is peace among all communities.

The Minister also noted that as part of the Government’s development plans work will commence next year on three highways.

One highway will connect Colombo and Kandy and will be constructed with Chinese, Japanese and local assistance. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Communal disharmony is a tool of UNP-Tamil party politics for decades. I hope UNP and President are unable to do whatever they promised during the elections. The current government don’t like to abolish the Presidency. That is the main issue. I remind the new constitution of J.R.Jayawardene and his joint venture of 1983 riots with LTTE. Not single criminal involved in the riots was punished by the “DHARMISHTA” rule. In the rally of C.V.Vikneswaran, we saw the abnormal presence of the Catholic Church which is the handler of LTTE. Even some nuns with placards telling “Did Buddha asked to encroach our lands”. Another nun’s placard asked the army to leave the “Tamil Lands”. Catholic Church is not only the handler of LTTE but also the LOOT-KEEPER of LTTE.

  2. Unjust Wigneswaran in order to support his Son’s father in law Vasudeva Nanayakkara who in turn supports Rajapakse and the Joint Opposition rogues are working hand in hand to create an ethnic problem in the country. They have to be taken into custody immediately.

  3. The majority suffered the country destroyed and now you are giving in to the same people who have done it as a reward to terrorism. No where in the World except in Sri Lanka. Minority has right but not to separate the country. Killing and chasing out people to create separation should be addressed and there should be a ballotting system where majority 85% and15% Others in all areas of occupation. Nothing was done and over a period of time these seperative ideology was created and now pressured. This government has to firmly address this immediately before it gets out of hand. The previous government have address the ltte issue and infastructure. The current lot does not see the bigger picture and being hijack by the same Tamil ltte. The rest on CID. What about putting all Tamil politicians in CID too.

  4. The expectation of all these politicians is that the Sinhala majority must sacrifice every thing to accommodate political and economic aspiration of the minority, Minorities can live any where in Sri Lanka, The minorities can work and do business any where in Sri Lanka. The minorities can study any whete in Sri Lanka, but, alas, Majority Sinhalese must confine to designated areas. This what the YAHAPALANAYA wants because YAHAPALANAYA is the puppet of America and the west and now India too.

  5. how can opposing the new constitution instigating racial disharmony don’t be stupid because you people cant get what you want done you idiots are taking cover under that. curse you people

  6. TNA and its ally of CM of NC -C.Wignaswaram must stop that political vandalism, that which undermined peace and stability of the country, after that 2009 May end of war launch by LTTE.

    Democracy denied that Tamil chauvinism.
    While Democracy have no room for provocation of Tamil mobs of Jacobins politics in North-East # # #

    If any Democracy of TNA that exist or having in the line of politics must respect and accepts majority views and rights country sovereignty.

    Minister must address to TNA is partner of ongoing “good governances” of UNP ruling party!

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