TNA insists no threat to alliance following Jaffna demo

1474800940_downloadThe Tamil National Alliance (TNA) today insisted that there was no threat to the alliance as a result of the demonstration staged in Jaffna yesterday.

The demonstration was staged by the Tamil People’s Council with the participation of some TNA members.

The TNA did not support the protest staged against the Government but the party says there is no threat to the Tamil alliance as a result of the participation of some TNA members in the protest.

TNA member and Northern Provincial Council Chairman C.V.K Sivagnanam expressed these views to an Australian delegation in Jaffna today. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. We understand that Tamils having every right to air their views, that is democratic right accepts by Majority Sri Lankan.
    But not that agenda of Tamils land to be partition for Tamil myth of “home land” is political nonsense and democratically invalid-slogan.
    By and large provocation of Jacobin type of politics by TNA must stop !
    Time has ripe on issues of rights of Tamil civilian has be address by democratic revolution manner.
    The Tamil political class has come to a democratic political alternatives not that nexus of foreign agents political road maps.

    The class Tamils living in Colombo could not take Tamil civilian for RIDE ,what LTTE did over 30 years.

    Be fair for the rights of majority Tamils, who can love /live with majority Sinhalese People as unitary state Sri Lanka.

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