Demonstration staged in Jaffna against the Government

untitledNorthern Province Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran led a demonstration in Jaffna today against the Government.

Most shops in the Jaffna town were closed during the demonstration.

The protest is against what some claim is the systematic settlement of Sinhalese people in the Tamil dominated region and the erection of Buddhist statues in an area devoid of Buddhist devotees.

The Tamil People’s Council (TPC) organised the demonstration, which also garnered the support of some constituent members of the TNA and the Tamil National People’s Front (TNPF) led by Gajen Ponnambalam. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Nobody wants to divide the country or to fight for a separate country. The tamils want to live with dignity and equality.This demonstration is because of the unwillingness of the successive goverment to settle down the problems faced by the tamils after the war.For how many years the goverment can cheat?The sinhalese must come forward to help their brothers and sisters from the tamil community who almost follow the same religion as buddism.Please note buddhism is a reformed form hindusium.

    • What does buddhism have to do this? U keep making stupid fallacious arguments with no objective or end goal. Just crying and whining form ur own failure and blaming it on someone else. Everyone is treated equally under law. The gonvt isnt giving free handouts and isnt discriminating anyone. How is the sinhales going to help you, when majority of them live in poverty. Stop pitting it as a tamil vs sinhalese. If u want to take pride being a tamil supremacist, u can head of to india, it got 60million people there. I am Sri Lankan, descendant from tamils over 100 years ago, I dont label myself or pride myself as tamil but as a sri lankan.

    • Indeed Tamil Eealm or separatism back by USA & UK forces want split Sri lanka by New Tamil terrorist out-fit led by CM of C.Wignesearm advocating for puppet Tamil regime in North Province of Island.

      This not that aspiration of ordinary Tamils, it is political classes pro-Western bourgeoisie -Tamil chavnanist and diasporas seek that US back regime in North of SL.
      If not that C.Wignasaram want new war footing politics in North and expanded to whole Island as what LTTE did last 30 odd years until 209 May 18th.
      What ever the cost majority Sri Lankan cannot give Tamil Eealm in Sri Lankan. That will never happen even all Sinhalese people lost their life. Sinhalese -Buddhist civilization exist over 2600 years in this Island.
      Tamils home land in Tamil Nadu only;,Tamils of North are that illicit immigrants has to go back to Tamil Nadu .
      Land of rich civilization cannot surrender for The backward of Tamils.

    • C.Wignasaram calling for New Tamil Eelam War against duly elected members of parliament .

      C.W….is a man of LTTE successor leader of Tamil war oriented politicians. He (CW) hate peace and he not subjects to accepts norms of Democracy and reconciliation with majority peoples civilization .
      He seems to be provocation of civilian Tamils, which against Majority community.
      He is for War of Tamil separatism.

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