Wigneswaran rallies for support at Saturday’s protest

WigneswaranDefying a Tamil National Alliance (TNA) stand, Northern Province Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran called on Tamils in the North to support a mass rally set to take place on Saturday.

The protest is against what some claim is the systematic settlement of Sinhalese people in the Tamil dominated region and the erection of Buddhist statues in an area devoid of Buddhist devotees.

“Tamil speaking brothers and sisters, I urge you to participate in the demonstration,” a letter by Chief Minister Wigneswaran said.

The Tamil People’s Council (TPC) led by Wigneswaran is leading the demonstration, which has also garnered the support of some constituent members of the TNA and the Tamil National People’s Front (TNPF) led by Gajen Ponnambalam.

“Even though promises have been made about sharing power with the Northern and Eastern Provinces, not a single Government has delivered on this promise. This demonstration is being held to pressure the Government to release private citizens’ land held by the military, the release of political prisoners and finding the disappeared,” Wigneswaran’s letter said.

According to the Tamil People’s Council, the Government has systematically settled some 10,000 Sinhalese families in Vavuniya, Jaffna and Mullaitivu where such settlements had not existed before. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. haven’t these fools learnt. old style politics of SJV and TULF in the modern age. Back then it was understandable as many sinhala leaders did not even acknowledge tamil genuine aspirations. But Now, Under Mahinda R who made sure a genuine North Council has been elected, Lands released, Greater degree of Tamil political activity. Back to old school nonsense by Wigneshwaran. Last time it was a backward but smart fox called Prabhakaran who outsmarted these so called educated Jaffna Politicians and Tamils lost their basic rights and the entire nation, now one wonders who will come up to take Wigneshwaran place thank to the monster he will create.

  2. it appears that Kallathony Wigneshwaran try to take the Tamils in Sri Lanka in the path of hell and destruction as same as Prabhakaran.

    I urge Tamil population that do not get decieved by those popular calls by politicians who supported Prabhakaran for destruction during 30 year period of Terrorism.

    If you need to live peacefully and harmony with the majority of the country which is essential for all the masses in Sri Lanka for their economic development and get more opportunities for day to day living.

    Tamil people shall remeber and recognize that every inch of Sri Lanka belonging to everybody and they can live wherever they choose.

    Doing things against the acceptable fact will lead to antagonism and it will destroy peace and harmony among the people.

    Hope everybody will Think, work and live as Sri Lankans rather than Kallathony mentality of Wigneshwaran.

    It is also to be understood the fact that those who lived in North and east must return as they were chased away by LTTE in a systematic program of Ethnic Cleansing.

    • Mr. Wijeyathunga,please read very well the letter written by mr.Wigneswaran,in that letter he is asking to release the private citizens’ lands occupied by the army.Further the successive goverments are unwillng to trace the people who were taken by the forces,because they know well almost all those either taken and surrenderd are killed by the racist regime.This movement started because of the inablity of the TNA to settle the problems of tamils.Mr.Sampanthan is guillible and he knods his head for all proposals stated by the president and the prime minister without considering the welfare of the tamils.Because of Sampanthan’s inablity tamils in the east are suffering a lot because he helped the muslims to form the eastern province council,whereas tamils in the east are deprived of their right for developement.Now tamils wants a leader who can lead their people.

      • Stop making garbage up, its like fairytail novelty for u people. You dont speak for all of us. Private citizens? what kind of citizens are these? the land is occupied by sri lankan military for protection use and high risk security zone. U think there going to give it back, that easily?? It will be given back after 50 years, whats the rush for? They already gaveaway some land. U dont even know what racism is, ur just throwing the word around like it means nothing, the rajapaksa govt was not racist. Look up what racism means. And there not tamils, they are sri lankan. u gtf/ltte sympathizers keep playing identity politics. Sampanthan is a sri lankan. If that phony wanna be king like wigeswaran, wants a land dedicated to his “people”, he can go to india, there is LITERALLY A PLACE CALLED TAMIL NADU.

        • Needless to say that CM of North Council -Chief Minister – C. Wigneasarm is politically advocated the by proxies of LTTE Tamil Terrorist agenda.
          He has hidden agenda of partition by divided
          Sri Lankan for Tamil Eealm that aim of build which new US Military base in East Part of Island.
          That is why C.Wignea….. so interest of mobilized Tamil innocent citizens against Majority Sinhalese People seeking for myth of “Tamil rough ” state in North.

          What is the aim of Eealm of Tamils is nothing that build puppet Tamil terrorist regime in Indian Ocean politics of monsoon led by US hegemony South Asian countries.

          CM of NC is C.Wign… is working for puppet of USA in
          Sri Lankan by working against Sovereignty ,Territorial Integrity and Independent by that surrender of nation right of self-determination to US and Indian big bourgeoisie.
          He too want sell ours Nation an Independent to India and USA hegemonies.

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