Ban notes post-war healing efforts have deepened in Sri Lanka

General Assembly Seventy-first session: Opening of the General Debate 71UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon noted that post-war healing efforts have deepened in Sri Lanka.

He said that in Sri Lanka and Myanmar true reconciliation rests ensuring that all communities, minorities and majorities alike are included in building a new union.

The United Nations Secretary-General was speaking at the 71st annual debate of the UN General Assembly.

In his speech he called on world leaders to recognize that the important positions they hold are a reflection of the trust the people have in them and “not personal property.”

“My message to all is clear: serve your people. Do not subvert democracy; do not pilfer your country’s resources; do not imprison and torture your critics,” Mr. Ban said in his opening address to leaders from the UN’s member countries of the UN.

He added, however, that after 10 years as the top UN official, he is “more convinced than ever that we have the power to end war, poverty and persecution.”

“We have the means to prevent conflict. We have the potential to close the gap between rich and poor, and to make rights real in people’s lives,” he underscored.

The Secretary-General’s opening address, which draws from his yearly report on the work of the Organization, stressed that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offer a path to a better future, and that with the Paris Agreement on climate change, the “defining challenge” of our time can be tackled.

Ban underlined that the world continues to confront complex security threats from armed conflict to radicalization which compounded by governance failures, have pushed societies past the brink and threatened social cohesion. (Colombo Gazette)