Woman dies after Ratnapura perahera elephant attacks crowd

dsc_0106A woman died in hospital after an elephant which was being prepared for a perahera in Ratnapura attacked the crowd.

The police said that at least 11 people were injured in the incident.

According to the police, the elephant went berserk just before the perahera commenced.

In all, 12 people were injured and were rushed to hospital for treatment.

One woman later died in hospital and the police said that she is reported to have been a heart patient and died of a heart attack.

Further investigations over the incident and the death of the 60 year old woman will be carried out by the relevant officials, the police media unit said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It shows about the highly uncaring and irresponsible peoples, organizing committees and relevant all Animal authorities of Sri Lanka, since this occurs commonly and repeatedly. Even I myself had a dispute with this, so called Buddhist organizers to remove an elephant from that particular Parehare. The reason was, the legs of that elephant were very closely chained, but these EVIL peoples wanted to move fast when she was badly bleeding. Even I found her blood on the road. What is this Buddhism in Sri Lanka?

  2. Elephants are WILD ANIMALS and have no place being dressed up and paraded in front of vast noises crowds. Of course the elephant went mad. This is the fault of the idiots who put the elephant on display, thus endangering the lives of the other idiots watching the proceedings and endangering their own lives.
    RELEASE this AND all the other elephants to sanctuary for their safety and everyone else’s too.

  3. What else could you expect from animals who should freely roam in the jungle when chained and paraded among people blinded by lights. It is time animal lovers meet up with Buddhist Mahanayakes and request to ban elephants from perahera’s. According to Lord Buddha we should show compassion not only to humans but to animals too. Taking elephants in perahera is not a Buddhist act but a ancient practice by kings.

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