Biswal holds talks with Tamil diaspora on reconciliation

csgl2zwxgaa1nthUS Assistant Secretary of State Nisha Biswal had talks with the Tamil diaspora on the reconciliation process in Sri Lanka

Assistant Secretary for Human Rights Tom Malinowski also attended the discussion. The discussion was held with the Global Tamil Forum (GTF), a leading Tamil diaspora group.

GTF President , Father S.J. Emmanuel and other leading GTF members including Suren Surendiran attended the talks.

The GTF said that its delegates representing the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany met the US officials at the State Department in Washington.

Discussions included ground realities today in Sri Lanka, particularly in relation to the North and East. The steps Tamil Diaspora can take to promote justice, peace, reconciliation and economic development were also discussed.

The GTF said it was pleased with the understanding and encouragement shown by the US Government representatives.

Biswal tweeted saying they had a good discussion on diaspora efforts to support reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka.

Father Emmanuel expressed the appreciation of the Tamil community for the continuous engagement of the US Government.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Manpreet Singh Anand, DRL Office Director for South and Central Asia, Carmela Conroy and Senior Desk Officer for Sri Lanka and the Maldives, McKenzie Millar were also present. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Seriously i regret voting for yahapalanaya, As said by someone MR did not wag the tail to third party intruders to dictate terms to us Sri lanka. Will get back what we HAVE the pride of kicking the ass of LTTE, and diaspora note this is just a passing cloud.

  2. The US officials are with the war criminals who turned young Tamil youths as dangerous terrorists. Those criminals are doing fantastic job for their own fame, benefits and perks at the expense of Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims and Indians. Can you find one Tamil from the photo who has read at least few political books? The answer is no, because they are too busy sucking Indian and the Western balls.

  3. This is so typical of clueless arrogant US diplomats. Malinowski the Polish American and Biswal the Indian american(both not born in the USA) are POLITICAL appointees. Both will be back in the private sector if Trump wins. These self appointed Tamil Tiger clowns are like Ahmed Chalabi the charlatan that the Bush regime relied on. Those fellows will never be able to win elections in Sri Lanka and promote democracy. Father Emanuel in particular justified terrorism and suicide bombers

  4. India discuss how to achieve reconciliation in Sri Lanka with the Diaspora guided by US. They have self-appointed themselves to discuss Sri Lanka without Sri Lanka.

    NONE of them are living in Sri Lanka and don’t have to undergo the horrors of war or know the ground realities now. Simply put, they don’t feel any pain and don’t have to sacrifice anything. Just pushing their own agendas at the expense of poor Sri Lankan,
    If a lasting peace is achieved anywhere in the world, it’s only when the parties in conflict discuss directly and honestly. They may not like each other, but should be sensible enough to understand that they have to share the same country.

    MR, GR, MS, Sampanthan, Hakeem and other Sri Lankan leaders have to sort this out. They live there and have to live in the future.

    • Well said Godaya. Why do the Tamils need third party
      intervention when the relationship between TNA and the Govt. is good and they could discuss directly. TNA should have an eye on the ground realities in N/E i.e. Army occupation, release of all lands confiscated during the war and unauthorized colonization, while they talk to the govt. for an amicable solution. In the
      end the Tamils should not feel that they were taken
      for a right royal ride, losing what ever they had..

  5. The Americans doing what they do best “interfere” with internal affairs of a lesser nation. I miss the Mahinda and Gothabaya they never let these yanks in on anything and told them to get lost. But then you get weaklings like Ranil who like to kiss ass and give the US more time and space than they deserve. These are the nations that wanted the war to carry on and never came to the aid of the people before, why now?

  6. Without discussions, at whatever levels, the SL national
    problem is not going to end. As a round table of the
    parties involved – The Govt., I/C, Diaspora & SL Tamil
    Parties is not possible, with various Agencies dealing in
    it at present, these diaspora & I/C discussions will find
    levels of understanding, it is presumed?

  7. The Colombian Government stayed well clear from USA involvement in its peace process, so did the FARc rebels, There is stability and peace and also on Northern Ireland. Getting a foreign government such as the USA with a terrible record in such talks is a very bad idea. Just look at the Israeli and Palestine peace process so called. There should have been Lankan Government Officials present in such talks.

  8. If this is not interference by a foreign power in a domestic issue, then i don’t know what is. When such talks took place there should have been a official from the Government of Sri Lanka. We Have seen such discussions between groups such as these in other nations held by the USA and that has not worked out well for those nations. Talks are ok but not with out official SL Government reps also in those talks.

  9. This is going end up just like the erik sholhiem debacle. US has terrible track record regarding these issues, especially the obama govt. Why does ranil keep thinking inviting other countries into this mess, will help? And since when was the “””GTF”””” a spokes group for tamils throughout the world? They dont speak for me. Are they more concerned about TN or sri lanka? The so called GTF was founded in 2009 after LTTE were eradicated from the island, don’t you think that’s a bit suspicious? There just a restrained, re-branded ltte.

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