Wimal grilled by FCID on misuse of Government vehicle

wimal_weerawansaFormer Minister Wimal Weerawansa was questioned by the police Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID) today on the alleged misuse of a Government vehicle.

Weerawansa has been accused of misusing his Ministerial powers when he was a Minister in the former Government.


  1. By Give fair chance and justice for Wimal Weerwansa MP of chamber in Parliament is essential equality before law .

    He should not be the political victims of “good governances and rule of law.”.by ongoing alliances of UNP led “compromised governances”.
    The current power grid of UNP Ranil, MS and CBK could not interfere FCID invegeastion to fixed be Wimal for …???

    • Couldn’t agree more Saman! Wimal nearly died for the country going on a hunger strike against the foreign companies. He would have surely gone if its not for the life saving nourishment he received gobbling the wonder medication Big Mac & Coca-Cola behind the curtains as the story go. Poor guy he has enough worries trying to sort out the correct identities of wife.

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