Sri Lanka condemns nuclear test by North Korea

KCNA photo of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is pictured during a test-fire of strategic submarine-launched ballistic missileSri Lanka today condemned the nuclear test carried out by North Korea on 9th September 2016. The Foreign Ministry said that Sri Lanka notes with concern that this is the second such test to be carried out by the North Korea this year.

Sri Lanka called upon North Korea to abide by its international obligations and refrain from any action which would compromise peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula.

Pyongyang said on Friday that it successfully carried out an explosion test of nuclear warhead that can be mounted on ballistic missiles.

Several countries, including China had condemned the latest nuclear test by North Korea.

South Korean President Park Geun-hye denounced North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, describing it as “reckless and fanatic” adherence.

The South Korean leader said the DPRK’s fifth nuclear test was conducted during her series of trips to China, Russia and Laos where Park said she confirmed the international community’s unified determination not to accept the DPRK as a nuclear state.

Park cut short her visit to Laos following the DPRK’s fifth nuclear device test that happened just eight months after the fourth test in January.

Park said South Korea is seeking to adopt stronger sanctions against the DPRK rapidly in cooperation with the international community.

In March, the UN Security Council introduced tougher-than-ever sanctions on Pyongyang over its fourth nuclear detonation in January and the launch in February of a long-range rocket. The DPRK is banned from any test of nuclear and ballistic missile technologies under UN Security Council resolutions. (Colombo Gazette)