Bangladesh demands explanation from Sri Lanka over visa-on-arrival

vietnam-visa-on-arrivalBangladesh has demanded an explanation from Sri Lanka over reports Sri Lanka has suspended the on-arrival visa facility for Bangladesh.

The Gulf Times reported that Sri Lanka has stopped issuing on-arrival visas for Bangladeshi nationals without informing Dhaka.

Bangladesh also retaliated by stopping on-arrival visa facilities for Sri Lankan nationals. In addition, the Bangladesh foreign ministry has summoned Sri Lankan high commissioner to Dhaka Yasoja Gunasekera to the ministry.

During a meeting that lasted more than an hour, additional foreign secretary (bilateral and consular) Kamrul Ahsan voiced Dhaka’s dissatisfaction over the development and wanted to know the reason or reasons, sources said.

In response, the Sri Lankan high commissioner said she herself did not know and she will come back to the foreign ministry after consulting her foreign ministry in Colombo.

“I am still trying to figure out the answer myself. I was not given any indication,” she told newsmen.

Asked if the on-arrival visa will resume soon, the high commissioner said, “Bangladeshis are always welcome in Sri Lanka. We value Bangladeshi visitors coming to Sri Lanka because more people-to-people contacts help build this valuable relationship.”

According to the Bangladesh foreign ministry officials, the Sri Lankan action a few days back came as a surprise to them. “Sri Lanka is a friend of Bangladesh with no thorny issue,” a senior official said.

The officials could not say if this measure is Bangladesh-specific or Sri Lanka has stopped this facility for other countries too.

“Whatever the reason is, no country can take such a measure without informing the country concerned,” said the official.

The official said the foreign ministry came to know about the development from Mihin Lanka, a Sri Lankan airline that operates direct flight between Dhaka and Colombo. (Colombo Gazette)


    • What a stupid opinion. Bangladesh has been a friend of Sri Lanka for a long time. Bangladesh supported Sri Lanka on various UN issue over the history. Thats how you pay Bangladesh back. Shame on you

    • Today a news portal in Bangladesh reported that more than ten thousand Sri lankans are currently working in Bangladesh.

        • Exactly, Bangladesh visa policy is not fare for sri lankans.
          Still we have to apply for visa in advance. So government has taken right decision against on arrival visa

  1. Appears to be big communication blunder on the part of Foreign Ministry in Colombo. Some one will be promoted soon. That is our culture.

    • This isn’t fair. We, Bangladeshi, do love & respect Sri Lankan people a lot. On the part from Sri Lanka, they will be looser by hampering friendly bad relation with second largest economically strong country of South Asia..

        • With the GDP growth rate at 7 percent… i dont think your comment is fair @hjcool1. There are plenty of Srilanakans working in high scale salary in Bangladesh. The number is close to 20-30 thousands. Maybe there are bangladeshis in srilanka working shitty jobs too… But if relation between Bangladesh and srilanka is strained … Srilanaka will be hurt lot more than Bangladesh.

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