Sri Lanka failed to address the causes of the conflict

slov-4Sri Lanka failed to address the causes of the conflict in a manner that would guarantee durable peace, meaningful reconciliation and non-recurrence, Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera said.

He said that divisions in society were becoming deeper along religious and ethnic lines, freedom of speech and expression were curtailed, and fear and intimidation pervaded society.

“Our nation which had been a prominent and respected member of the international community since Independence, including in the United Nations, abandoned her natural foreign policy of engagement, and chose instead, to follow a policy of antagonising traditional friends and partners, and isolated itself from the world community,” he said, speaking at the International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) in Slovenia.

The Foreign Minister said that the rainbow coalition of the opposition scored a decisive victory on the 8th of January, on a platform promising far reaching democratic and constitutional reforms.

He said the people of Sri Lanka reasserted their commitment to democracy by dislodging an emerging dictatorship through non-violence.

“Not stopping at that, the people voted once again at the Parliamentary Election in August last year to uphold the same values and norms. Most importantly, for the first time in Sri Lanka’s history, with the support of the people we have formed a National Unity Government, bringing together the two main rival political parties in the country, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party led by President Maithripala Sirisena, and the United National Party led by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe,” he said.

The Minister said the unprecedented move has heralded a new culture of consensual politics, providing the much needed political and policy stability in Sri Lanka to undertake far reaching reform and important decisions in the long-term interest of Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. pls let mev know the special causes for LTTE Terrorism in Sri Lanka?

    As far as I am concerened as a Sri Lankan, there are no specific questions in Sri Lanka for any particular ethnic group. if yes, kindly let us know what are those.

  2. Where are the stupid UNO when more than 60,000 youths vanished in 86/89 period?

    Besides, what are causes of the conflict for LTTE Terrorism? I am sure that terrorism of any manifestation is not acceptable to any civil society for whatever causes may be and this has been the policy of United Nations As well. if not, pls tell us what is your policy.

    There are no special causes to any section of the Sri Lankan population to start terrorism in Sri Lanka.

    If UNO or any body has any thing mention as special causes, pls do so justifiably. I challenge to do so. For the information, I asked this question in many forums and nobody answered yet and I am asking it here as well.

    To me as a Sri Lankan ,if there is any problem in Sri Lanka, those are common to al the masses of Sri Lanka and not for any particular ethnic group.

  3. Where were all these stupid UN and other idiots
    When 1984 to 86?. Around 60 thousand youth, vanished.
    Why no one pay attention for that? Where were the human rights those days? This mangala samara webers
    Give an answer.

  4. Shut up you Gorilla from hell. Fed up with your kissing the tail end of terrorists to appease the diaspora. You will be dust in no time with your haranguing of the silent majority with your cock and bull reconciliation shit. Go disappear into the ether.

  5. Yes. Both SLFP and UNP came to power alternatively from the time of independence on a racist platform to suppress the Tamils. Violence was meted out on Tamils employed in the South and let it spread to all provinces. Now suppression is taking place in the Tamil provinces where those Tamils chased out from all other areas took refuge. How will there be reconciliation with Tamils when the Government forces are taking up the lands of the displaced Tamils, cultivating their lands and curtailing their meager livelihood ? Just talking about winning the elections in 2015 against another regime is not going to cheat the world once again.

  6. “Divisions in society were becoming deeper along religious and ethnic lines, freedom of speech and expression were curtailed, and fear and intimidation pervaded society”

    Yes it is the real fact, The country was saved from a dictator when the people used their democratic rights in a very intelligent manner.

  7. Tamils in SL or overseas still waiting to see how long the new GoSL will take to settle the displaced Tamil Citizens within SL and from the Refugee Camps in India; Release the Tamil Political Prisoners;Compensate for the destruction of Tamil owned houses;Reduce the Security presence in North and East; Stop GoSL sponsored building of Buddhist Temples in North and East;Grant Land and Police powers to NPC; Allow NPC to have access to foreign investment in Tamil Areas;Treat Tamils as equal to the majority Race.

    • Buddhist temples is not a problem anywhere in Sri Lanka. no body can stop it. no one can ask for reduction in SECURITY FORCES IN STRATEGICALLY POSITIONED in Sri Lanka as it is a decision by the gvernment for the internal and external security.

      Displaced,Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims must be settled in North and east of the country happened due to LTTE Terrorism.

      • Managal Samarweera that person made reckless speech in Publicly condemned that whole Sri Lankan nation by his incompetent of Foreign policies guided by USA and India.

        We cannot accepts that his version of “reconciliation” which not suited democracy.

        The very “recocinlaztion” promoted by Tamil diaspora of the LTTE and TNA line of Tamil chauvinism of Federalism of that split our nation for Tamil rough state..North……..???????

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