Students of controversial SAITM institute demand equal rights

IMG_0004Students of the controversial South Asian Institute Technology and Medicine (SAITM), today urged the Government to take urgent note of the many obstacles placed in their path and adopt immediate and appropriate measures to allow them to take their rightful place as doctors within the health structure of Sri Lanka.

Speaking at a media briefing today, the students said that graduates of SAITM are knowledgeable, capable and highly committed to assume their rightful place as fully-fledged doctors to serve Sri Lanka.

“All students currently registered for the MBBS degree programme have fulfilled the UGC entry criteria. Moreover, the final examinations for the MBBS have been conducted according to UGC regulations along with the participation of both internal examiners from SAITM and external examiners from state medical faculties,” Dilshan Fernando, a SAITM MBBS Graduate said.

The students emphasize that contrary to what is said by various parties, they are not all from super rich families and that the majority of are from middle class families whose parents work hard to pay for their education.

“Although the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) is legally bound to provide us provisional registration as intern medical officers, the SLMC has unfortunately rejected this possibility. Therefore, one of our colleagues has challenged this matter in courts and we are positive that the truth will finally prevail” underlined, Tharindu Ruwanpathiranage, a SAITM MBBS Graduate said at the media briefing.

The students of SAITM said that they are united in their demand that they be given the opportunity to prove their worth to the citizens of Sri Lanka that as doctors they are amongst the best and are ready to serve Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Just the thing Sri Lank needs like a hole in the head another bunch of unqualified under trained bunch of quacks masquerading as pseudo medical professionals to dish out more medication to unsuspecting sick people.

    • @Len: A nicely worded comment, however i am extremely apalled by your statement. These students are being pinned down by the poor educational system we have in srilanka, and moreover they have been struggling for their rights for a just education. Srilanka has let these students down and its a shame on the very people we trust such as the SLMC and the GMOA. They are late, uneducated and not capable of providing support. To answer your question, those students are taught by some of the best doctors in srilanka, with the best facilities (technology available in their teaching hospital) and many of them have passed their entrance exam with flying colors (A/L’s). It’s due to the lack of the education system in srilanka to provide support to those you are unable to join the government schools due to various factors such as limited seats, provisional allocation, and poor educational quality (by international standards) that they have joined SAITM. SAITM bridges the GAP in the Sri lanka Medical education system. So before you comments on a public forum, i strongly urge you to do your homework and make the most unbiased and educated comment.

      • @Jim:
        Well said! Private education in Sri Lanka will prevail and SAITM will continue and will pave the way for other for profit universities.

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