361 Degrees gives back to Kitulgala

1361 Degrees, Sri Lanka’s largest Team building, Leadership, Engagement, Innovation, Strategy & Soft Skills service provider, has successfully carried out a community service project in the village of Kitulgala, one of the many locations where the company works closely with the local community.

The project involved upgrading of various facilities in the Kitulgala village in order to improve the lives of the communities living in the area. Under the first part of the project, the aluminium tiles on the pedestrian bridge across the Kelani River were replaced with brand new ones. This floor of the bridge was in a state of disrepair and posed a risk to the hundreds of villagers who used it on a daily basis. Secondly, a large number of dustbins were placed at various key locations on the banks of the Kelani River in order to encourage people to dispose of garbage responsibly without tossing into the river. Additionally, the children’s playground in the area was upgraded with new items such as a swing set and a slide, giving it a much-needed facelift.

A resident of the area, Mr. Sisira stated during his speech “We genuinely appreciate these acts of charity done by 361 Degrees to uplift our community here in Kitulgala. We also realize how much effort they have put into this project, and understand their inclination to help the people in the area in this manner.”

In addition to Kitulgala, 361 Degrees also conducts their training programmes at Udawalawe, Dambulla, Belihuloya, Bolgoda, Thulhiriya, Hanwella and Tangalle. Making use of the close relationships their team has built with individuals living in these areas, the company plans to carry out similar community service initiatives in each of these locations in the future.

4Since its inception back in 2001, 361 Degrees has successfully carried out training programmes for over 220 entities in both Sri Lanka and overseas, conducting a total of over1,100 training programmes during this period. The company continues to provide innovatively practical and tailor-made learning solutions for a wide variety of clientele through culmination of 15 years of intensive research and experimentation as Sri Lanka’s leading HR solutions partner.

Commenting on the social service initiative, Gihan de Silva – Head of Operations of 361 Degrees stated, “Since inception, we have had close relationships with the communities in all the areas where we operate in. Having used Kitulgala as a base camp since 2011, we have been able to build a close rapport with the people of the area.Through their feedback as well as our observations we came to the conclusion that there were numerous shortcomings that we as a responsible corporate citizen should help rectify. We care about the safety of the people in the local areas as much as we do about our clients/participants. As a result, we initiated this project to give back to the community and address some of these needs& in order to enhance their well-being.” He added that this will be the first of several such initiatives that the company will be carrying out to upgrade the facilities in the village and thereby enrich the lives of the residents of the area, by adding value to the communities 361 works in.