Gota accused of abusing his powers as Defence Secretary

gotabhaya-rajapakseFormer Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa has been accused of abusing his powers when he was the Defence Secretary.

Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe, who was also a Minister in the former Government, said that Rajapaksa had once verbally abused a senior police officer for carrying out his duties.

“He scolded a DIG on the telephone when the DIG attempted to stop a protest. He asked the DIG who gave him the authority to go there. The police officer went to carry out his duties,” the Minister told reporters today.

The Minister noted that some of the protesters then made fun of the DIG by removing his cap. Samarasinghe said that a top official (Rajapaksa) cleared the path for the protesters to mistreat the police officer.

He said incidents like that sent the wrong message to the international community but now things have changed. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sometimes our police act as if they
    are the law of the land or take law into their hand.
    Protesters must take prior permission from a competent authority created by the government,where they seek the police resources and advice.Let the UK advice us with the guide lines,as there’s complete balance on events in big cities UK.There should be no bias of any kind as people have a right to protest,without a disruption to life in cities.

  2. This Gota sent a SSP who handled the attack on Muslims
    last at Aluthgama into hiding? A forgotten matter, as
    he was a Tamil Officer.

  3. It was a disgusting experience for those of us who saw the footage of the public humiliation of a senior law enforcement officer and public servant by another public servant. Rajapakse was clearly abusing his power because he happened to be the president’s brother .He must be brought to justice for it .This will teach politicians and public servants to behave like public SERVANTS in the future; not the lords and masters of all they survey simply because they have been placed in a position of power by politicians who placed there by the vote of humble people like us.It is also a good lesson to the current politicians to be careful as to how they carry out their duties as representatives of the people.If this kind of abuse of power is tolerated the people will never be free or safe.There must be zero tolerance of abuse of power by politicians and public servants in the future.THEY MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE BEFORE THE LAW AS WE ALL ARE.

    • Well written sir,
      Also the culprit Wimal Jarawanssa who made the call and handed over the phone, then embarrassed the officer and encouraged the crowd to attack the police should be changed as well


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