Sri Lanka accuses Malaysia of failing to protect Ansar

Foreign-Ministry-452x300The Government today accused Malaysia of failing to protect the Sri Lankan High Commissioner of Malaysia Ibrahim Ansar, despite him seeking protection.

The Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called in the High Commissioner of Malaysia to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs this morning to express the condemnation of the Government of Sri Lanka, on the assault carried out by a group of persons yesterday Sunday 4 September 2016, on Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to Malaysia, in a restricted area of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, while he was in the process of carrying out his official duties.

The Foreign Secretary expressed disappointment that the Malaysian authorities had failed to provide necessary protection to Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner despite the High Commission bringing to the notice of relevant Malaysian authorities, the need for such protection, in the face of mounting protests especially in the last few days.

The Secretary also conveyed to the High Commissioner, that the Government of Sri Lanka insists that immediate and swift action is taken to identify the perpetrators and take legal action to the fullest extent of the law, while also taking immediate measures to provide adequate security for the Sri Lanka High Commissioner, including assigning a Personal Security Officer; provide adequate security to the staff of the High Commission, the official residence and the Chancery premises as well as the Buddhist temple in Sentul, where an incident took place on Saturday 3 September.

The High Commissioner of Malaysia expressed the deepest regret of the Government of Malaysia regarding the incident and informed that the Malaysian law enforcement authorities had already arrested five suspects involved in the incident, and that legal action would be taken against the perpetrators.

He assured that the Ministry would be apprised of the details of the investigations, and that appropriate security would be provided, as requested.

The High Commissioner also conveyed the deep regret over the incident at the temple in Sentul and informed that steps have been taken since, to provide appropriate security to the temple. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Muslim Voice” vehemently denounces this attack on our High Commissioner to Malaysia – HE. Ibrahim Sahib Ansar, by the LTTE gangs of Indian origin as reported. “The Muslim Voice” wishes HE. Ibrahim Sahib Ansar early recovery from the attack and return to his family, Insha Allah. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka making just a statement that they strongly condemn this attack is not enough. The government of Sri Lanka should take all necessary steps to demand the Malaysian Government to track down these Indian origin LTTE culprits and bring them before the “Rule of Law” in Malaysia at the earliest and appropriate punishment should be mooted against them. The Malaysian Police, Airport Security and the Government of Malaysia should tender a formal apology to HE. Ibrahim Sahib Ansar and the Government of Sri Lanka and assure that such a repetition will not occur in the future. “The Muslim Voice” expresses its concern especially because HE. Ibrahim Mohamed is a member of the Sri Lankan Muslim Community who is a longstanding and respected career diplomat of the Sri Lankan Foreign Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sri Lanka. “The Muslim Voice” is also concerned about the behaviour of the Sri Lankan High Commission staff member who was accompanying the High Commissioner as the video shows”body language signs” that this official ran away leaving the High Commissioner to be beaten up and later appears casually holding his cellphone camera and pretending to look for something on the floor. Forensic analysis of this situation will tell the motive behind this officials actions which has to be probed at a high level by the Malaysian police and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sri Lanka. Muslim Civil Society movements/groups and Muslim politicians should take up this matter with the government and also bring it to parliament for discussion.
    Noor Nizam. Peace and Political Activist, Political Communication Researcher, SLFP Stalwart and Convener – “The Muslim Voice”.

    • SL Tamils are not stupid to attack an innocent man and tarnish their goodwill. If this was a genuine attack they could have easily attacked MR. This is surely a sympathy vote seeking stunt done by MR paying a few million dollars from his stolen billions of dollars. Yes I am sure if Malaysian police interrogates these attackers Mahindas name will emerge as the master plotter.

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