Ban Ki-moon tells Sri Lanka to reduce military in North, East

DSC_0448UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, on Friday, urged the Government to release civilian land held by the military.

Ban Ki-moon, who is on the final leg of his visit to Sri Lanka, urged Sri Lanka to speed up the return of land so that the remaining communities of displaced people can return home.

In parallel, he said, the size of the military force in the North and East could be reduced, helping to build trust and reduce tensions.

He made the remarks at an event in Sri Lanka on sustaining peace and achieving the sustainable development goals.

The UN Chief said that following the end of the war in Sri Lanka in 2009, much has been done but yet more remains.

“This is my first visit to Sri Lanka since 2009, when I saw great suffering and hardship. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced and in need of humanitarian aid after the terrible conflict that tore the country apart. I called for fast reconciliation and action to build peace, in the knowledge that conflict can recur in fragile post-war societies,” he said.

Ban said that the government that took office last year, led by President Maithripala Sirisena, set out an ambitious reform programme and has made significant progress in implementing it.

“I congratulate the Government and people of Sri Lanka on passing the 19th Constitutional Amendment and the recent Right to Information Act. I commend your efforts to move forward on a comprehensive transitional justice agenda, and on a constitutional reform process,” he said.

Ban said that more can and should be done to address the legacy of the past and acknowledge the voices of the victims.

He said Sri Lanka is still in the early stages of regaining its rightful position in the region and the international community. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. If no crimes were committed by the GoSL, why are the Sinhalese worried about an Internationally conducted inquiry in to the War in SL?????
    No need to use foul languages—We are descent Sri Lankans!!!!!!

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  10. Why this Monkey Boon is allowed to bring messages from westerners who promote separatism. Why did not he ask America to reduce military from middle East?

  11. The UN Chief said that following the end of the war in Sri Lanka in 2009, much has been done but yet more remains. He further said to reduce the tension of the country dissolve the government

  12. We are the only Nation in the entire Universe that completely ERASED a ruthless Terrorist out fit that went on a killing spree for three decades, so we are capable of deciding what to do with our Military installations in the Country. Rest of the World including the UN should learn from us rather than instructing us what to do. When the Terrorists were killing the innocent unarmed civilians and destroying the Country, where were they? They should mind their own business now and learn from us.

    • We need our leaders to be able to run our Nation. We had to tackle our own problems. We the people of Srilanka must stand united. Our Nations Security is our Nations leaders problems to sort out not others interference.

  13. Ban Ku is a man with no backbones .He was the worst UN sec we have seen.It is high time Sri Lanka do what is necessary to the people and start governing without. Trying to please each and every western nation.As it is well aware that all aid from west come with conditions attached for their benifit.How dare hecome and ask the govt.reduce army presence from north and east.Does he not know there are enough armed forces presence in all over the country.Govt is currently only focusing on the north and east and Uva province is totally neglected..While most of the northern Tamils have moved to south TNA is still making a big issue about Sinhalese moving to north and east.Govt should not listen and try to please these western agendas.They should focus on what is best for SriLanka.That is intergration!,where people will learn to understand and live together .

  14. Yes,we were waiting for his orders to reduce the military from LTTE hot bed! Don’t make a joke of yourself Ban Ki !

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