Avatar star speaks on Lanka

Stephen-Lang-webAmerican actor Stephen Lang, best known for his role in the blockbuster movie ‘Avatar’ says he has a lot of friends in Sri Lanka.

Asked if he has visited India in the past and if he will be visiting anytime soon, Lang told IANS in an email interaction: “I’ll be going there again. I did a film in Sri Lanka this year, so I was in Sri Lanka for quite a while.

“At least half the crew were Indian, so I have a huge number of friends from India and Sri Lanka.”

For now, the “Avatar” actor’s fans can watch him as an intimidating blind man in Fede Alvarez’s “Don’t Breathe”, which was released in India on September 2.

Of his character in the film, he said: “My character as a blind man is sort of an urban legend – partly truth and partly fiction. Much of what people say about him is based in fact, but it’s not the whole story.

“He is frighteningly capable. He can more than survive, he is master of his universe.”

Lang said he found the film’s “moral ambiguity intriguing”.

“The character is undeniably a victim. But it’s much more complicated than that. He struck me as a wonderful combination of real strength and absolute vulnerability.

“For an actor and a director to be able to explore that tension is fascinating,” Lang said.

He also recently revealed that he will be seen doing a Bollywood dancer number in the upcoming Hollywood film “Solar Eclipse: Depth of Darkness”, based on true events that led to the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. (Colombo Gazette)