Tear-gas used to remove University students blocking road

protestThe police fired tear-gas and water cannons on university students who protested in Colpetty this evening.

Heavy traffic was reported in the area as a result of the protest and the police used water cannons and tear-gas to clear the road.


  1. The “good governances” of UNP-Ranil , MS and CBK regime must respect the right to expressed protest by students which against privatisation of Medical College by SATIMA. Current govt. respect different views that is not view of public is different.

    Respect Free Education for the Students.

    • Your view and my view are not public views. There are divided opinions amongst public. University students must understand that University is run by Public funds and that there is no free education in real terms. Intake of students to Medical faculty or any faculty is restricted due to limited seats. It does not mean that others are not qualified or cannot study. Government must treble the intake of students to medical faculty. Where are most of these doctors who passed out from totally people funded education. They are looking after patients in UK,Australia and NZ. That means our tax payers money is looking after the health of foreign nationals at no cost for them in training a Doctor.


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