Sri Lanka has no concerns with activities of ex-Maldives President

Mohamed-Nasheed-007The Government says it has no concerns over the activities of former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed in Sri Lanka.

There have been reports that Nasheed was working from Sri Lanka to topple the current Maldives Government.

Cabinet spokesman Rajitha Senaratne however said that Nasheed was raising democratic issues and so it cannot be seen as an attempt to topple the Maldives Government.

A Maldives court had this week issued an order to arrest Nasheed in conjunction with investigations, pursuant to a 2011 Audit Report, being carried out by the Maldives Police Service.

The Maldives Correctional Service is also seeking to have Nasheed brought back to serve a remainder of his 13 year sentence from which he was initially granted extraordinary medical leave.

Senaratne said that Nasheed carried out all his activities from Sri Lanka before he became President and he had even thanked the then Sri Lankan Government for accommodating him.

“He thanked the then Sri Lankan government for allowing him to do his propaganda and activities from Sri Lanka against the then President Gayoom. He must be doing the same thing even now,” he said.

The Minister said that allowing Nasheed to work from Sri Lanka did not have a negative impact on Sri Lanka’s relationship with the Maldives at the time and should not even now.

Nasheed was sentenced to 13 years in prison last year after he was found guilty of ordering the arrest of a judge while in office.

He was initially cleared of the charges but was re-arrested and charged under anti-terrorism laws. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Is Sri lanka’s interest greater in only ONE Nasheed than the rest of 379,999 Maldivians? Jealousy is not only green-eyed but also illogical!

  2. Sri Lanka has become a safe haven for convicted criminals. This is a man who has been sentenced for 15 years for terrorist activities. And now attempting to over throw Maldivian Govt from Sri Lankan soil.
    Can atleast Sri Lanka ask this man to leave this country and go some where else?

  3. Happy to note that Sri Lankn government and its people maintained an excellent special relationship with Maldives since time in memorial. However, at times, the relationship deteriorated somewhat from time to time through certain misunderstanding or “incidents”…In any case, at present Sri Lankan government fully support endeavors of Pres.Nasheed, to strengthen Democratic values and principles, though their relations with Maldives current regime is fairly tense.

    • The norms of universal human rights seek to protect human beings and recognize the need for individuals to join with others in the use of their own languages and dialects to belong to participate in their own cultures, religion and the ways of life. So sovereignty are no longer acceptable when the state seriously abuses their own citizens. Be known the growth of the international human rights movement and steady extension of international human rights standards have brought about the accepted principle: that the way any state treats its citizens is in the public domain, and that external criticism from other governments or NGOs does not constitute interference in the internal of that country. The World conference on human rights confirmed that the promotion and protection of all human rights is legitimate concern of the international community(Concluding document, para. 2.2)

  4. Mr Spokesman, why dont you tell him and his cronies to go to Maldives to build Democracy, why he wants to build it from Colombo?

    Maldives must recall its ambassador until we find out what exactly the Sri Lankan Governments motive is.

  5. The current govt of Maldives is desperate to stop any negative comments or activities against them, even with the rampant corruption and abuse of human rights and complete disregard for its own laws and international conventions signed by Maldives. They r seen as a desperate, inexperienced and corrupt bunch loosing support locally and internationally.

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