Mahinda to lead joint opposition delegation to Malaysia

MahindaFormer President Mahinda Rajapaksa will be leading a delegation of the Joint Opposition to the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) meeting to be held in Malaysia from 01 to 04 September 2016.

Parliamentarians Dinesh Gunawardana, Jonston Fernando and Lohan Ratwatte, former parliamentarians Udith Lokubandara and A.H.M Azwer and former provincial council minister Upali Kodikara will be part of the delegation.

On the sidelines of the ICAPP meeting, the Joint Opposition delegation is to meet the Chinese Communist Party delegation.

Former President Rajapaksa will also meet the Malaysian Prime Minister along with the other heads of delegations attending the conference.

The Joint Opposition delegation will also meet with other political parties in Malaysia, and delegation from other countries in Asia and also a delegation of the Malaysian business community. During this visit the former President will also visit several Buddhist places of worship in the country. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Joint opposition should make valuable contribution the other Parties by their current political experiences in home front .
    The time of MR and other members that must upheld democracy and sovereignty of Island, which exposed the undermined by foreign powers.

    Well, needless to say MR led democratic forces should an opposed political terrorism advocated by Ethnic Tamils in world wide .
    Terrorism is the enemy of Democracy in Sri Lankan, which has been that undermined peace and stability Island.

    MR led opposition political parties must that exchanges views of the current development in Asian region other parties.

  2. When MP Mahinda Rajapakse returns back his and the other jokers who travel with him should be fully checked by the customs to make sure they are not smuggling in counter band items or black money.

  3. And gov Malaysia want the fat filth like a hole in the head?
    You are never coming back get it in that thick head?

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