Sampanthan insists Tamils do not want another war

SampanthanTamil National Alliance (TNA) and opposition leader R Sampanthan insists the Tamils do not want another war.

Sampanthan was speaking at an event in Matara during a visit to the area.

The opposition leader said that there is no need for the youth of this country to suffer from another war.

He urged all communities to work together and take the country forward in a manner through which the people will be able to improve their livelihoods.

Sampanthan also said that the proposed new Constitution will ensure powers are devolved to the provinces within a united Sri Lanka.

“Everyone must support the process to draft the new Constitution,” he said.

He said that the new Constitution will be drafted after discussing with all political parties in Parliament. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Mr. Sampanthan,tamils never want war but they want developement.Up to now what are the actions taken by you and your TNA mps and members of the provincial goverments to develope the area where tamils are living? You blind foldedly supported the muslim congress to form the eastern provincial council but do you know how the muslim ministers and the president of the eastern province are depriving the developement of tamil areas in the east?You are daydreaming that the muslims will support to link the east and the north,but it will never happen. We know the attitudes of muslims,they are very cunning.Now tamils want developement like others.You always insist that tamils must live in cordial relationship with the muslims but as far as tamils of the east are concerned ,sinhalese are better than these culprits and cut throats.

  2. The Tamils never wanted a war. It was thrust by the consecutive governments since 1948. How about various riots where many innocent Tamils were massacred and their properties robbed. The Jaffna Library was burnt down with vengeance.
    Mr.Sambanthan has extended his hands to the Sinhalese with peace. He attended the Independence day celebrations which no other leader attended in the past, he raised the National flag with dignity and peace, he visited Matara recently to show cordial relationship with the Sinhalese. The Tamils want devolution of power to the North and East within a united Sri Lanka.
    I am keeping my fingers crossed to see what the new constitution envisage..

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