BJP accuses Congress of supporting the LTTE with arms

Union Minister M Venkaiah NaiduIndia’s ruling BJP has accused the Congress party of supporting the LTTE with arms when it was in power, the Press Trust of India reported.

Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu accused the Congress of raking up needless controversies for reaping political gains and being “soft” on terrorists and hard on nationalists.

“It was the Congress regime that supported LTTE with arms and ammunition and later sent peace-keeping forces to Sri Lanka resulting in the death of about 1,000 Indian soldiers,” he said.

He said the BJP will keep fighting Congress’ “hateful agenda” and said the opposition party has no moral right to point an accusing finger at the BJP after having practised “divisive and vote-bank” politics all these years.

“The recent remarks of Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi attacking the RSS clearly shows that the party is obsessed with raking up needless controversies with the intention of reaping political dividends. The Congress always remained soft on terrorists and hard on nationalists,” he said.

The Minister said the Congress party never sincerely tried to promote social and communal harmony in the country and only practiced its trademark politics of “divisiveness and appeasement.”

Naidu also criticised the Congress for supporting Maoists, fundamentalists and communal forces and said it “is known for practising politics of opportunism right from the beginning”. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. Over 1000 Indian Soldiers killed by the LTTE but Over 3000 innocent Tamil civilians including the Medical Staff about 5 Medical doctors, 2 Specialist and 6 medical Technologists attached to the Jaffna General Hospital was brutally Killed by the so called Indian People Killing Force.

    • Strawman arguments with false information. I am sure they were “Innocent Civilians” lol

  2. lol, indira fueled LTTE and her son got it bad.. never play with lives of the innocent. a lesson to the indians for having double standards..

  3. Yes, whether it is congress or BJP for Sri Lankans it is India who imposed a trecherous life for us for 30 years. Why didn’t the BJP protest at that time but only now? The India who did not want us to be inline with the US is now trodding a US line! What a turn around.! We will always now look at India with suspicion. We know who our friends are and who is pretending to be a friend. ECTA is anohter agreement they are trying to force on us and we need to be careful not to sign anything detrimental to us!

  4. Indian support to the LTTE is an open secret and Prabhakaran got too greedy and set his sights on controlling TN politics was somewhat too much for the Central government under Congress control. Time to get rid of the madman Prabakaran and when he and his terror mil;itary were cornered , his repeated request for the usual backing of the Indian forces went unanswered and thus the end of LTTE and Prabakaran.
    Thank you India now you have foes even beyond your shores.
    Sri Lankans must always be alert to Indian interests in Sri Lanka because there is always a string attached to it.
    Chinese interests are far better than Indian.

  5. Sri Lankans know LTTE was Indira Gandi’s baby. She wanted to teach a lesson to the then SL Head, JR Jayawardena because he was leaning towards US policy !
    All the training grounds arms ammunition and a vast amount of money from Tamil Nadu were supplied to foster the LTTE and unleash terror in neighbouring SL. Her son carried it on to a new level only to get blown up by a member of the very same LTTE !!

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