Sri Lankan student in UK jailed over money laundering

Pathriana Watte, Adeesh 130289A Sri Lankan student and a shop worker have been jailed in England after they helped launder almost £200,000 stolen from a British company, the Express and Echo website reported.

Adeesh Watte and Adaikalam Swaminathan allowed the fraudsters behind the Hustle style scheme to use their accounts to disguise where the money went.

They were just two of a number of people who worked together to defraud the Sowton based company out of £784,551.15 in a scam in which internet bank accounts were hacked into and looted.

A conman posed as a member of the Lloyds Bank fraud investigation team and persuaded staff at the telecommunications firm to reveal crucial log-in details by telling they were investigating an attempt to hack into the accounts.

In reality, that was exactly what they did and as soon as they got the information they took the money in eight tranches of between £90,000 and £100,000.

Watte and Swaminathan set up accounts into which the stolen money was sent electronically before being moved out again, probably to mysterious businesses in Singapore.

Swaminathan is an Indian from Tamil Nadu who had been granted asylum in Britain and was working at a greengrocer while Watte was a business studies student from Sri Lanka who overstayed his visa and will be deported as soon as he finishes his sentence.

Adeesh Pathriana Watte, aged 27, of Dorchester Way, Harrow, and Adaikalam Swaminathan, aged 50, of Park Avenue, Southall, both denied being involved in money laundering but were convicted.

They were both jailed for 22 months by Judge Geoffrey Mercer, QC, who told them:”I don’t know what the full truth of this case is. I certainly did not hear it from your evidence. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. In New Zealand nearly twenty years ago Sri Lankan by the name of L. Gunawardanea who worked for Anz after leaving NZ withdrew money from customer accounts by using ATM machines in Sri Lanka. He did this by fraudulently adding his name to the accounts as the joint account holder and trasfering moneies while he was working at one of the Anz branches in Wellington. New Zealand police has a arrest warrant out for him still.

  2. Money accrued by any fraud committed in any bank has to come out through customer accounts. Now it is a global online banking. That,s why banks take lot of care in opening accounts. It appears the Bank where these two maintained accounts has been negligent and not vigilant.

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