1. Reasonably a good guess though there are lots more to go ahead with.
    Sri Lanka’s history suggests a continued violation against the minority’s .
    The UN’s Genocide definitions such as Killing members of the minority group, causing serious bodily/mental harm and deliberately inflicting harm etc
    Even the hugest authority still seems protecting the violators of the International humanitarian law.

    • The crux of matter is Tamils of so-called minority are base of Terrorism versus democracy.
      The Tamil politics of LTTE and TNA for the separatism that denied Democracy means of solving minority grievances they are for the GUN rule politics.

      That is politics of Tamil Terrorism play leading role of undermined democrat foundation Island by TNA.
      The missing persons Act is not going to work fair play in norms of democracy at all by TNA are Tamil anti-sovereignty and democracy establishment in Parliament .

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