Lankan in Israel accused of sexually assaulting 6 year old girl

img721452Prosecutors in Israel filed charges against a worker from Sri Lanka suspected of sexually assaulting a six-year old girl in a home he was hired to clean, Israel national news reported.

Udisha Priyankara, a 46-year old worker from Sri Lanka living in Jerusalem, was working illegally as a house cleaner, despite a work visa which limited him to serve as a caretaker.

According to the indictment, Priyankara had worked in the home in question for roughly three years. But on August 11th, investigators say, Priyankara performed indecent acts on the family’s six-year old daughter, while her mother slept in a nearby room.

“At one point the six-year old girl approached him as he cleaned the bathroom and chatted with him,” the indictment read. Priyankara then kissed the girl before carrying her off to her bed, where he performed lewd and indecent acts upon her.

The girl quickly pushed him away and ran to alert her mother. At that point the suspect fled the building. (Colombo Gazette)