Licence of drunk Srilankan Airlines pilot suspended

pilotThe licence of the drunk Srilankan Airlines pilot has been suspended by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The Authority has also sought an explanation from the pilot over his conduct while on duty.

SriLankan Airlines had said earlier that one of its pilots who was due to operate UL554  from Frankfurt to Colombo on Friday failed to pass a breathalyzer, (alcohol test) carried out by the Authorities at Frankfurt Airport in Germany and this caused a delay of the flight.

The Airline said that it took immediate steps to suspend  the services of the said captain (pilot) and took alternative measures to operate the flight to Colombo.

“SriLankan Airlines has a well-established strict substance abuse policy that is designed to put the safety of our customers and employees first. The Airline has no tolerance for abuse or violations of this policy and accordingly the Airline will  thoroughly investigate this matter, whilst extending its fullest co-operation to the law enforcement authorities in Germany. The crew member concerned has been suspended and will be withheld from operating services pending the outcome of the investigation,” the Airline had said in a statement.

SriLankan Airlines reassured its customers that the safety of passengers and crew are the paramount consideration of the Airline and that it will not be compromised under any circumstances. (Colombo Gazette)