US backs out of undertaking to medically examine ex-LTTE cadres

C.v.Wigneswaran, in the extreme left, receives US Ambassador Atul Kashyap in the extreme rights at the Jaffna airportThe United States has backed out of an undertaking to medically examine former combatants of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who had allegedly been injected with a poisonous drug when they were in detention or undergoing rehabilitation in camps run by the Sri Lankan army, the New Indian Express reported.

The Chief Minister of the Tamil-majority Northern Province, C.V.Wigneswaran, had told the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) that he had requested the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Atul Keshap, to get the   US Air Force medical team camping in Jaffna to examine the suspected cases of poisoning. Upon this, the Ambassador said that the team would look at the cases and decide what to do next.

Following this, about 30 former cadres of the LTTE expressed a desire to be examined by the USAF team. According to the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) member, M.K.Sivajilingam, the Chief Minister was to find out how many cases the USAF team would examine. When the US Embassy in Colombo was approached in this regard, it said that the USAF team was not equipped to conduct the required investigations.

“So, no ex-combatants were examined,” Sivajilingam told Express.

And at any rate, Friday was the last day of the USAF medical team’s stay in the Northern Province.

A former combatant had complained to a government commission that he and others from the LTTE were injected with a drug which weakened them considerably. He said that the injections were given in the guise of an inoculation against a communicable disease. Following this allegation, an NPC member from Mullaitivu district, T.Ravikaran, charged that 104 former combatants had died as a result of the injection. He wanted foreign doctors to examine them as Sri Lankan government doctors could be biased.

Chief Minister Wigneswaran then took up the issue and, at the instance of NPC member M.K.Sivajilinagam, got a resolution passed by the NPC expressing concern and seeking remedial action. Even a Central government minister, D.M.Swaminathan, said that the matter was serious and that he had appealed to President Maithipala Sirisena to investigate.

But the Central Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne said that there is no need to get American doctors to examine the cases as Sri Lankan doctors are equally competent. The Governor of the Northern Province Reginold Cooray stated that he had received no complaint about any ex-combatant falling sick or dying due to an injection administered by the army. Cooray also said that it is not necessary to invite American doctors when there are competent Tamil doctors within the country. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. US govt.could not interfere the internal affairs of Sri Lankan sovereignty and democracy. This non of business of USA.
    The majority Sinhalese-Buddhist are provoked by Tamil of NC-Chief Minister and Mano Ganash of Indian Origin coolies of Tamil-chauvinist of separatist back by US blessing.

    There is no room for Tamil-oriented politics are bless by US anti-Buddhist politics of hegemony.

    The People of majority are respect democracy ,they do not want Tamils separatist to undermined country stability and unity.

    • The reality is that the harsh training given by LTTE command and their access to ammunition were the cause of their sickness. It should be noted that these cadres were recruited when they were babies . The LTTE has been responsible to their death.

  2. Americans don’t need to examine; Tamil fools will believe it, if Americans just say that former combatants of the LTTE who had been injected with a poisonous drug when they were in detention or undergoing rehabilitation in camps run by the Sri Lankan army.

    I am completing one year in Jaffna. I got to know the Tamils’ status in politics and business very well. I never come across such fools in any other countries. I urge the people to do some fact finding about Sri Lankan Tamils, before come to any conclusion. I was one of blinded Tamils diaspora; but my views have been changed, because I have seen the reality.

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