Tamil MPs claim little done to assist war widows

sri-lankas-war-widows_650x400_61435477838The Sri Lankan Government has not announced any welfare measures for the widows of men who were killed during the civil war between the armed forces and the LTTE.

Parliamentarians Velukumar, Shritharani, Charles Nirmalanathan and Seenithambi Yogeswaran had expressed this view while in Madurai on Friday to attend a cultural program, the Times of India reported.


  1. You had diaspora’s backup for fighting the Asia’s longest brutal civil for more than three decades. Why don’t you ask their help. You didn’t get help from the government to fight the brutal war. The truth is, the West indirectly encouraged diaspora to support the war under divide and conquer strategy. Now the war is over, the West doesn’t want to develop Sri Lanka. Because the Westerners’ ultimate goal is to keep others under them.

    • Your Srilanka army trained by Britain army and Sinhala who did anti-Tamil riot black July burnt Jaffna library.

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