UNESCO denies reports Dambulla at risk of being delisted

43da9ec250537efcfe67b06e33c3e308_LThe UN’s cultural agency, UNESCO, today denied reports that the Dambulla Temple is at risk of being delisted as a World Heritage Site.

The Office of the Director-General of UNESCO noted that inaccurate representation had been made in the media on the remarks made by UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokovain following a press conference in Colombo this week.

With regard to the media reporting on the state of conservation of Dambulla Temple, the Office of the Director-General reiterated that the Organization is engaged in a process of dialogue with national authorities on this matter, and that no reference was ever made to its delisting as a World Heritage Site.

“In the press conference, the Director-General made reference to a Reactive Monitoring Mission dispatched by ICOMOS, our Advisory Body for cultural properties, in March 2015 to assess this question. As a result, a number of recommendations were put forth in order to improve the conservation and management of the site,” UNESCO said.

UNESCO said that during the press conference, the Director-General had emphasized that UNESCO is committed to working through dialogue with the Government to implement these recommendations.

The Organization says it stands ready to support the Government through capacity building and technical support as recommended by the Mission. (Colombo Gazette)