CSN insists funds seized does not belong to CSN

Rohan WeliwittaCarlton Sports Network (CSN) has denied reports that funds seized by the Government last week belongs to CSN.

CSN Director Rohan Welivita said that it was widely reported in the media that a sum of Rs. 157.5 million belonging to the CSN Channel had been confiscated by the Government.

However he says the money said to have been confiscated does not belong to CSN nor does that money belong to any directors or shareholders of CSN from its inception to the present.

“I was made to understand by officers of the FCID that this money belongs to a company by the name of Amtrad Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. Some media reports had mistakenly reported that one of the directors of Amtrad Holdings by the name of ‘Rohan’ – was myself,” Welivita said.

Welivita said the confusion has damaged the reputation that he built up over four decades as a media person and an artiste. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Why did this four decades old, abled reporter, Rohan take so much of time to report on the wrongs of FCID findigs?

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