India wants disinformation against deal with Lanka to be countered

DSC_8285 (1)India says it looks forward to taking its economic engagement with Sri Lanka to the next level by elevating the FTA to include areas such as investment, services and technology cooperation.

The Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Y. K. Sinha said that the motivated and mischievous campaign of disinformation against the agreement needs to be countered by genuine debate and discussion among stakeholders in Sri Lanka.

The High Commission of India and the Indian expatriate community in Sri Lanka celebrated the 70th Independence Day of India today at India House in Colombo.

Speaking here the High Commissioner noted that the past year has been particularly transformative and has witnessed many dynamic developments in the strong, friendly and time-tested bilateral relations.

The High Commissioner noted that economic ties are at the core of India’s renewed engagement with the world.

“With a strong demographic dividend, a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem and a large domestic market, the time is right for India’s economy to soar. As the Indian nation moves forward, it invites its neighbours to be part of a collective growth story, especially its close neighbor Sri Lanka. India hopes that Sri Lankan businesses will take advantage of their proximity to India,” he said.

On development cooperation with Sri Lanka, High Commissioner highlighted that India has committed over US$ 2.6 billion in development assistance to Sri Lanka, with over US$ 435 million in outright grants. The flagship housing project being funded by India is progressing at an impressive speed with over 45,000 houses constructed till date. The third phase, to construct 4,000 houses in the Central and Uva Provinces through an innovative community-driven approach, was launched in the last week of April 2016.

The High Commissioner also referred to the innovative Emergency Ambulance Service, funded by Government of India, which was flagged off by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe last month. Being launched, in the first instance, in Southern and Western provinces of Sri Lanka, under an Indian grant assistance of US$ 7.55 million, this service is being provided to patients free of charge.

He also spoke about the close people-to-people contact between India and Sri Lanka, which is epitomized by huge tourist exchanges. Connectivity between both countries is already exceptional and discussions are under way to develop Palaly airport as a regional hub. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. We are not that such stupide nation like other and denied that Indian support for investment, grants and capital an open new avenues for our national development.

    We seek priority of economic sovereignty as well as Political independent of out of blunt intervention of internal politics by other agencies of Indian state apparatus.

    New deliberation and consensus of FTA with Republic of India is welcome, that is necessary and essential for further enlarge of the imbalance trade between two countries.
    The trade remedy must be address as soon as possible between two countries.
    We as nation ultimatum goal for the Free Trade but it has gone through the very hard and complex road map.

    I think EACT is too early to enacted by both countries. We need more time framework for that is EACT is concern ,which is that Sri Lankan side are concern.
    We have put our system and house into order. The issues of Trade is complex matter between two countries.But we stand trade of volumes has to be increased but time has not yet ripe.

    We are working on that relationship with that guidance of WTO guide lines.
    Indian must respect ours political and economic sovereignty of democratic order exist since last 68 years.
    We have been bully by certain elements inside local leading political parties and out-side foreign forces to uproot ours democratic values by politics of Terrorism and anarchism .
    Indeed that Political stability is key to Economic stability of Trade and investment in
    Sri lanka ‘s by the majority people line of thinking.

    That is key to peaceful path and model of Economic is that Sri Lankan way of democracy of sustainability of modern capitalism in Island.

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