UK notes OMP will help families of people missing in Sri Lanka

UK FCOThe United Kingdom welcomed the passing of the Office of Missing Persons (OMP) Bill saying it is a significant step forward on the path to reconciliation.

The British Government said the implementation of the OMP will help the families of people who are missing across all Sri Lanka’s communities to establish the fate of their loved ones and to foster reconciliation.

“We recognise that the Office will face a significant challenge resolving many thousands of cases. Investigating these with rigour, in ways sympathetic to the needs of victims’ families, will take time and perseverance,” the British Government said.


  1. The colonial Democracy by British occupation over 150 years and after 1948 Independence of that “depend” Democracy until 1972 ,there was hundred of thousands of Sri Lankan citizens there were in the list of Missing persons.
    Not a single country of West or UNO agencies that single body has taken an inquire or responsible of such human crimes by past relevant regimes into accountable ,why is that ?

    The Current propose and on going to Established of Missing Persons outfit against our principle of Republic Constitution!

    And violated of national security, above the law of land and skip the Independent judiciary, by passed Parliament power of Govt. no accountability except President of Island. Is that going serve for real purposed of established democrat since 68 years ,since 1948?
    How is that such outfit become fair pay for Democracy and Sovereignty of our Nation, Country and people?

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