Indian commerce minister to visit Sri Lanka end of August

Nirmala SithramanIndia’s Minister of State for Commerce, Nirmala Sithraman, will be visiting Sri Lanka at the end of August on an invitation extended by Malik Samarawickrama, the Sri Lankan Minister of International Trade, it is reliably learnt.

But officials clarified that the visit would have nothing to do with the on-going negotiations between India and Sri Lanka on an Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement (ETCA), the New Indian Express reported.

The first ever technical or official level meeting on ETCA was held in Colombo on Tuesday and Wednesday. The head of the Indian delegation was Bhupinde Singh Bhalla, Joint Secretary in the Commerce Ministry.

No press statement was issued after the conclusion of the two-day talks as these were preliminary and exploratory, an official told Express.

“The two sides exchanged views on the various issues connected with such an agreement. Many more such meetings will have to be held before an agreement is reached,” the official said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Indians are good in faking or creating terrorism. Indians couldn’t get a medal from the 2016 Olympics games in Brazil. Indians couldn’t even get a gold medal from the London Olympics games in 2012. Don’t have too much hope in Indians.

  2. We want to review FTA between Sri-Lankan and Indian without further delay.
    The 16 years of Free Trade is not working at all by Indian policy of hegemony of foul play by trade

    Ongoing FTA between two countries is unfevravouble balance of Trade for Sri lanka.
    We are demand first and foremost important imbalance need be address by Govt. of India.

    We cannot go on like this pattern of Trade with Indian, which closed their market access to Sri Lankan companies by intentionally .

    That is bad part of Indian side which want imposed EATC by force to the people of Sri Lankan.

    We demand that stop all discussion with Indian counter parts.

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