US report says BBS continued to promote supremacy of Buddhists

BBSThe Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) continued to promote the supremacy of the country’s Sinhalese Buddhist population and propagated views hostile toward members of religious and ethnic minorities last year, the US State Department said in a new report.

The US State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report for 2015 noted that BBS General Secretary Ven. Galagodaththe Gnanasara Thero regularly made inflammatory statements about “Islamic invasion and aggression” and “forced conversions” by Christian groups as posing an existential threat to the country’s Buddhism.

The report said Buddhist monks continued to operate with Government protection, and some monks, particularly outside Colombo, regularly tried to close down Christian and Muslim places of worship on the grounds they lacked the Ministry of Justice and Buddha Sasana’s approval.

The National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL) documented a total of 87 cases of attacks on churches, intimidation and violence against pastors and their congregations, and obstruction of worship services during the year. NCEASL had reported a total of 96 such incidents in 2014.

The Secretariat for Muslims (SFM) recorded 82 incidents of hate speech, acts of discrimination, attempts to desecrate or destroy Muslim religious edifices, and verbal insults upon or use of physical force to impede Muslim cultural practices and rituals, a 62 percent reduction from the previous year. There were no reported deaths related to interreligious disputes. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. I have few questions to ask some of you here.
    1). Brothers and Sisters who live in all part of this small Island ,
    Do you see any positive difference between during the terrorism in SL and after it? If so, Why you harm this peaceful environment ? All the races are living in various places scattered in Island wide. Except Sinhalese . Sinhalese who lived in Jaffna before the terrorism , totally removed from the area. Now no more. But see other part of the country …. Tamils Muslims and all live. No Buddhist or Sinhalese try to push you away any from them. Open your heart let to think your brain. Dont close your eyes of this crystal clear truth.
    2). Do you think this small country is profitable or peaceful to be separated on tribal wise?
    3).Do you forget this country was cultured and civilized by Sinhala Buddhist for thousand years ?

    Sinhala Buddhist do not ask you any thing but accept and respect this crystal clear truth . This is Sinhala Buddhist country. At the same time all citizens can enjoy their privileges of citizenship disregard of cast , creed or any religious or race.
    We do not support any kind of violence but discussion.

    4).Do you respect other religions others opinions and others culture ?
    If so , I ask muslim brotherhood who live in Sri Lanka. Why do you think to build your Mosque on top of the Buddhist archeological area. Ex: Kuragala in Ratna pura District ?
    This is your irrespective ideology towards other religions. It has been proved all over the world. Why dont you have tolerance toward others?
    Please , come on with answers for these ?

  2. is it any different to white supremacists in the good old USA.
    they are like peas in the same pod. disgusting creatures and abhorrent organisations.
    gnanasara is a pathetic terrorist xenophobic psychopathic scumbag.

  3. To all you half wits spewing rubbish, the Report in Question “US State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report” is an analysis of religious tolerance/freedom etc. It is for Americans put together by Americans with the aid of the US embassies in various countries. I don’t see why you buffoons get upset by this…..unless the guilt of knowing what is represented in the reports is really happening and eating all you pontificators from the inside out!

  4. Sinhala Buddhist racism and Apartheid is one of the worst on earth and it is responsible for the genocide of Eelam Tamils that requires independent international investigation to bring the perpetrators to accountability and deliver justice.
    Sinhala Buddhist chauvinistic leaders mislead, lied, duped and bribed many global leaders to support their ethnic cleansing agenda to eliminate Tamils from their native Eelam. It is shame to those leaders and nations that supported the genocidal war and not forcefully investigating war crimes, human rights abuses, rapes, unlawful detentions, torture and genocide. As Sinhalese Buddhist forces have been committing crimes against humanity and mankind for over several decades, the Sinhala Apartheid regimes continues to deny independent international war crimes and genocide investigation. 24 French Charity Tamils workers were murdered in cold blood and accused Sinhalese murders are released by the Sri Lankan Sinhala judge recently as no one can expect fair justice in Sri Lanka.
    Tamils must continue their struggle for accountability and Justice until it is delivered.

    • And what do you have to say about Tamil Tigers barbaric war crimes? Sri Lanka only belongs to Sinhalese. You can go back to where you’ve come from & that is Tamil Nadu! If you and your so called blood thirsty LTTE is so innocent why is still labeled and banned in your motherland in India itself and most of the Western countries?

      • “Akaliko” Buddha’s teachings are timeless. Valid for the past, present and future. In Arab Countries you can’t even build a single Buddhist temple. Even in Afghanistan(which was once a Buddhist country) they destroyed tell 2000 years old statues.Can US make sure Buddhist have freedom to practice Buddhism in public? Buddhism is supreme, others do have the freedom to practice their religions in Colombo. They can have Mosques, Kovils, Churches and have Vale parades, put speakers in Mosques so thta we can’t sleep on Friday Nights(If you live in Navala Rd Walikada you will experience this).I don’t endorse everything BBS does. But they are trying to protect Buddhism from new American cults and the Muslims who try to bulldoze ancient Buddhist shrines.

      • If Tigers committed war crimes, why your Sinhala Buddhist regime denying independent international war crimes and genocide investigation. no one will trust your Sinhala Buddhist malicious propaganda against the Tamils. Denial of rights and state terrorism resulted creation of Tigers with the help of Indian progressive leaders.

        denial of independent international investigation exposes that all heinous crimes are committed by the Sinhala Buddhist regime, forces and hooligans.

      • Let allow for an international independent investigation to investigate and bring the perpetrators to accountability. What about the mass murders, rape, indiscriminate bombing, torture and execution of Tamils by the Sinhala Buddhist forces for over 70 years?
        Sinhala oppression, denial of rule of law, equality and Justice is responsible for the creation of Tigers and it is not the product of the Tamils.
        Tamils are prospering well in many nations and will continue with their struggle for accountability and Justice until it is delivered and keep on exposing Sinhala Buddhist barbaric, inhuman, undemocratic, uncivilized acts to the world.

  5. And how’s about US presidential candidate, no less, Donald Trump castigating all Muslims as terrorists and wanting to ban any Muslim entering the USA if he gets to the White House ? What about the spate of killings of unarmed black people by the police in the US ??? Sri Lanka has more Muslim mosques in the country than Buddhist temples, even though Buddhist population exceeds 70% as opposed to only 7% of Muslims !!! Not only that Muslims can pray 5 times daily with loud speakers broadcasting the prayer without any hindrance no matter there are schools or hospitals nearby !!!! (very inconsiderate but no one bats an eyelid !). Why not report on those ??

  6. i would strongly suggest that the USA should mind their own business and all the true US patriotic people should make Mr. Trump the next US president and we would see in to this business afterwards . Islam is a virus.

  7. What the heck. What about your own presidential candidate. Is he clean. America you are such a hipokrit. Clean your back yard before pursuing your neighbour’s

  8. The BBS had done what Indian Empire wanted them to do. That is to alienate Sinhala Christians and Muslims from the majority Sinhala Buddhists. The Sinhalese divided on religious and political lines the Indian colonist block vote brought in the new President and the new government.

  9. Some people try to interfere with our country and create problems, we already know what to do with our people and our religion, so take care of your country instead of inferring with ours. As Buddist we will not try to create problems with other religions, but we want to protect the Buddhist philosophy within our nation.

  10. If we stop comparing our self with other countries, I am sure we can be the most prosperous nation in the world.

    Religion and dependence on other countries are an unavoidable fact that we have to accept

    We can’t fight US why not we respect each other and be strong as a nation and be an exemplary to rest of the world.

  11. Yes, Sri Lanka should be proud of the Buddhist culture and the foremost position of Buddhism given to it in the country. Several countries such as Japan, Thailand,and Myanmar.

    Why should USA be worried about it when most of the States in the US give much prominence to the Christian religion. In fact there are a number of christian Bishops in the UK House of Lords attending to the matters of governing the country.

    I shall not go to discuss the large amount of Muslim countries who do not allow any other religion to be worshipped in their countries.

    The USA should write report about the problems in their own country , how they are treating the African-american people, and almost annihilated first nation people in the country.
    Leave Sri lanka to handle their own affairs .

    • Please know the facts before you write and US government does not support any religion and rule of law applied to all religious citizens equally. No biased or racist stand like in Sri Lanka.

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