Mahinda to visit Seokwang Temple in Korea

1470693377864Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa is to visit the Seokwang Buddhist Temple in Bucheon City in the Gyeonggi Province in South Korea which is holding the third July 7th and Baekjung (Buddhist All Soul’s Day) Culture Festival from today till August 17, in which visitors can gain holy witness of the Buddha’s sarira.

The in South Korea reported that Rajapaksa will attend the worship ritual today, adding to the significance of the event. During his presidency, Rajapaksa donated Buddha’s sarira from the ancient Ruhunu Dynasty in July 2014.

The Seokwang Temple has been maintaining relations with Sri Lanka since 1995 by contributing to the welfare of Sri Lankan migrant workers in Korea.

The temple has also supported projects for education and culture in the South Asian country through some organizations such as the Bucheon Foreign Migrant Workers’ House and the non-profit organization White Elephant.

The holy witness session will take place after a 108 prostrations session at 1 p.m. from Wednesday to Tuesday next week. Rev. Gosan, the chief of the Ssanggye Chongrim Temple, will preach Buddhist teachings on Wednesday. (Colombo Gazette)