Another top US State Department official to visit Sri Lanka

Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs Charles H. RivkinAnother top US State Department official is to visit Sri Lanka for talks.

Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs Charles H. Rivkin will travel on August 8-12 to Burma and Sri Lanka, the State Department said.

Assistant Secretary Rivkin will be in Colombo on August 11-12 to meet with government and business leaders to discuss opportunities for increasing two-way trade and investment.

Rivkin will also lead the State Department’s “American Innovation Roadshow” to Rangoon and Naypyidaw on August 8-10.

This trip is part of an ongoing series of State Department Innovation Roadshows across Asia, which were launched by Secretary Kerry and are part of U.S.-ASEAN Connect. It follows earlier roadshows with leading U.S. companies led by Assistant Secretary Rivkin and Senior Advisor to the Secretary of State Ambassador David H. Thorne, to Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and four cities in India.

The Burma Innovation Roadshow delegation includes representatives from IBM, Chevrolet, Coca Cola, General Motors, Omidyar Network, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Deloitte among others. The delegation will engage with government leaders, civil society groups, small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs to understand the opportunities in the development of key sectors of Burma’s economy.


  1. Never ending American Road Shows in Sri Lanka as America now controls Sri Lanka, which has become the 53rd state of the USA courtesy of Yahapals !

  2. He is not a career diplomat but a trade negotiator. Only started working in the State Department in 2014. So he is another political appointee who served as Ambassador to France under Obama. He is a educated and smart man. He is looking for US investments in Sri Lanka and probably for a market for US goods tied to Human Rights. He has and MBA from Harvard and a Bachelors in Political science from Yale. He is a good businessman and a successful businessman. He is definitely looking to sell and invest.

    Charles Rivkin is an American ambassador of a peculiar kind. He is not a career diplomat but a political appointee, with no previous professional experience in international relations. However, unlike most of his current and former non-career colleagues, he speaks fluently the language of the county he is posted to — France — and is very well plugged-in when it comes to political and social developments there. He has received rave reviews for his performance in Paris both in official State Department audits and from his embassy’s employees.

    But it wasn’t Rivkin’s diplomatic skills that landed him the coveted political ambassadorship. Rather, it was his skillful fundraising for President Obama during his 2008 election campaign.

  3. For what?
    These buggers just come empty to create trouble for Sri Lanka and meddle in our internal matters.
    Their last days in the Obama Administration and as such picking up many tabs from the Diaspora to do their cooley work the pressure the GOSL on eelam and Indian dictated ETCA.

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