Revised circular on duty free vehicle permits issued

car-640x400The Finance Ministry has issued a revised circular on duty free vehicle permits for Government employees.

Under the revised circular a permit holder will be entitled to a 50 percent waiver on all taxes payable on an imported vehicle valued up to USD 30,000.

The period of service completed by individual officers in the state sector will be taken into consideration for the issue of the vehicle permits.


  1. My friend working as a coordinating Secretary to Hon. Minister for 8 years. I would like to know about this vehicle permit can be eligible for him.

  2. it is required to give vehicle permit to manager level in private sector who function NRFC account. They are the ones bring foreign currency

  3. Dear Sir /Madam

    Pl be good enough to e mail me the new circular 2018 for get more information in above

    Thanking you


  4. I,m from national institute of education as a senior lecturer
    My service grade is AR1 -5 years and Ar2- 8 Yearars . Now the admin branch called we are not permernet officers. but we got sallery since 28 years

  5. I got 1st permit and vehicle in 2000. Now It is not working well because I imported it and it was not brand new. After that we got permits and sold them according to the circular issued by Finance Ministry. Now I want to buy a car, but no chance to buy it according to the new government policies. As senior officers we suffer from this changing policies .

  6. I am a public servant as 11 year service executive grade and 4 year service Asst Director grade. I would like to know about this scheme can be eligeble for me.
    End of this year I have to retire from my service.

  7. The ultimate beneficiary of this scheme is car permit businessmen and tax avoiding citizens, money launderers who pretend to commit themselves to yahalpalanaya. These men are integral part of election funding mechanism.

  8. Only MPs are having all the previlages. This government is taking a revenge from GVT servents by asking them to sacrify but government ministers and MPs are getting the maximum benifit including unlimited vehicle permits without wating five years, pensions, etc…. I have not seen such a bad government for ever.
    These people want to stay theri five years … that the only target.

  9. Now Government can introduce VAT. Government appears to be there to look after Government Servants and not the General Public.

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