Muslims make push for separate Provincial Council

Hasen AliMuslims are maintaining the push for a separate Muslim Provincial Council (PC) as the Constitutional Assembly discusses a new Constitution for the country.

The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC), the main Muslim party in Sri Lanka is leading the campaign for a separate Muslim administrative unit in line with the policies of the late M. H. M. Ashraff, the founder of the SLMC.

SLMC General Secretary Hassan Ali said that Muslim civil society groups met in Ampara last week to discuss the way forward for the Muslim community in Sri Lanka.

He said that he was happy to see Muslims uniting for one cause, and that is to ensure the identity of the Sri Lankan Muslims is protected.

“The late Mr. Ashraff had proposed that the Muslim community must be considered as an equal stakeholder in Sri Lanka, be recognized as a separate ethnic community and be given a separate provincial council,” he said.

He said the proposed Muslim administered provincial council should be carved out from the Muslim majority local authorities in the Trincomalee, Batticaloa and Manner districts.

Hassan Ali said the three districts must be merged with three coastal districts comprising of three electorates, namely Pottuvil, Samanthurai and Kalmunai.

“The present eastern province is not what we had soon after independence. The demography and even the geography has changed. Several portions of land have been annexed from adjoining districts. All this must be considered when you draft a new Constitution,” he asserted.

The SLMC General Secretary also noted that after 1978 there is now a Constitutional Assembly and when there is a Constitutional Assembly there is no point in talking about amending the existing Constitution. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. If this is the case, We Sinhalese should evacuate every single Tamil & Muslim from Sinhala areas. Why should we Sinhalese have to put up with rest of the TAMILS & MUSLIMS LIVING & THRIVING in our areas?

  2. Sri Lanka is too small for divide and rule. Hassan Ali will be better off of he moves to Saudi Arabia. His brain must be in the posteriar end

  3. And then what? Sharia law by stages like in Banda Aceh, Indonesia? Also… don’t forget LTTE’s former kangaroo courts. Separatism always weakens unity. This kind of stuff will only alarm everyone else. Muslim politicians like their Buddhist counter-parts are trying to carve out spheres of influence.

  4. Sadly Mr.Ashraf should not have formed a party called SLMC this brought about lots of difficulties to peace loving Muslims who are Mingled with Buddhists and Tamils
    and look at the splinter groups after his demise any benefit? In fighting and Pure Power Hunger the Poor Down trodden Muslims of Sri Lanka are in a Pathetic Situation these Selfish Politicians bearing a few never cares for the Community very soon the Muslims of Sri Lanka will be left High and GOD FORBID could face severe hard ships like the Muslims of Myanmar

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