Alleged police torture exposed in Mallakam court

policeAlleged police torture was taken up at the Mallakam court last week where it was alleged that the Chunnakam police had assaulted and killed a suspect in 2011 and later turned the murder into suicide, a local newspaper reported.

The Sunday Leader newspaper reported that witnesses identified the policemen involved in the murder and the court later ordered the arrest of the policemen involved.

In November 2011 a group of youth were arrested following claims they were holding an event to commemorate the LTTE.

The youth had denied claims they were commemorating the LTTE but yet five of them were arrested.

The court was told that they were detained in a cell and tortured by policemen and army intelligence officers.

The youth claimed that they were beaten and tortured mercilessly while one boy had his body stretched between two tables.

The boy, identified as Suman, was asked by the police if he wanted a separate state, while he was being tortured.

The Mallakam court was told that while being assaulted, Suman began to bleed from his nose and mouth and he had succumbed to his injuries.

The body was thrown into the Iranamadu tank and later the police claimed that the boy had committed suicide.

The Mallakam court ordered a full investigation into the claims and for a report to be submitted to court on October 24th. (Colombo Gazette)