Iranian master forger helped LTTE cadres escape during war

The-Doctor-mejores-falsificadores-detenido_939518266_110506445_667x444Investigations have revealed that an Iranian master forger now in a Thai jail had helped LTTE cadres escape during the war.

For a few thousand dollars “The Doctor” opened doors to the world, supplying pristine fake passports to gangsters and rebels, refugees and migrant workers — all from an unassuming, scruffy house in the Bangkok suburbs, the AFP news agency reported.

Hamid Reza Jafary, 48, evaded arrest, cocooned from the law by a network of five trusted Pakistani lieutenants and a low-key lifestyle that belied the fortune spun from his unique skill.

His luck ran out earlier this year when military intelligence officers traced a call by the hyper-vigilant forger to a pizza company.

Police swiftly raided an unassuming address in the Bangkok suburbs where they found The Doctor — a soubriquet drawn from his past as a nurse in Iran.

Last week Thai police said they had finally dismantled his network following a five-year probe, dealing a hammer blow to a gang that supplied “Triple A” quality forgeries to global trafficking syndicates.

Authorities say Jafary’s gang provided bespoke travel documents for trafficking syndicates.
Over the years they had also served fugitive criminals and even wanted rebels, such as Tamil Tiger (LTTE) cadres escaping Sri Lanka.

Police say The Doctor’s downfall has winded some criminal networks. But only temporarily whilst gaping holes remain in the detection system. (Colombo Gazette)