US seeks to strengthen relationship with Sri Lankan military

IMG_5978The United States says it wants to strengthen its relationship with all of the different facets of the Sri Lankan Government, including the military.

The US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Atul Keshap said that there has been a very good development of relations between the United States and Sri Lanka ever since the democratic, free and fair election of January 8th, 2015, and that also includes the democratic, free and fair election of August of 2015.

“We appreciate the vision of the Sri Lankan voters, the vision of the Sri Lankan people to forge a society and a country that is more equal, more fair, more democratic, more open, and more prosperous,” he said.

The Ambassador said that the US is welcoming new staff into the American embassy to work in several areas including development programs, human rights cooperation, rule of law, justice and demining.

“We are working to strengthen our relationship with all of the different facets of the Sri Lankan government, including the military, because we believe that a professional military is essential to the development and the success of any viable democracy. We want to partner with the Sri Lankan military as we move forward on the very important issues that are attracting the attention of the people of Sri Lanka, including development of a new constitution and working with the international community to address commitments made in September of last year,” he said.

The Ambassador said the US wants to ensure that as Sri Lanka – the ordinary people, Government, military, and bureaucracy – moves forward on the path toward achieving these goals, the American people are with Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Appa-Sirisena-UNP selling our country, people, and its resources to USA in return for dollars for them to stay in power ………….shameful !!

  2. Oh ! So they want to learn how to fight wars successfully !! Be careful Lanka, not to divulge the best strategies or they will take the whole world under their thumb in no time !!!

  3. They will destroy Sri Lanka if they cannot get their objectives met. They want to use Sri Lanka against China.

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