Canada backs meaningful international role in Sri Lanka

CocJcDMVUAElRbjCanada today noted the importance of meaningful international involvement in Sri Lanka’s post war accountability and reconciliation mechanisms.

Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Stéphane Dion told reporters in Colombo that Canada encourages Sri Lanka to take advantage of the current momentum to move forward on reforms, including those to strengthen good governance and economic stability.

“It is clear that delays in the implementation of these critical reforms are not in the public interest,” he said following talks with Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera.

Dion, who also had talks with President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, said that Canada has much to share with Sri Lanka including the experience on issues such as official languages, the devolution of power, sustainable economic development, empowerment of women, legal expertise and youth skills development.

“Canada is committed to helping Sri Lanka further strengthen democracy and peace for all of its citizens. We note the importance of meaningful international involvement in such accountability and reconciliation mechanisms,” he added.

The Canadian Foreign Minister also said that there is a need to focus especially on communities most directly affected by the conflict and Canada is ready to contribute to the re-establishment of livelihood opportunities for those displaced.

“Canada would like to explore our trading relationship, because this is for the mutual benefit of both of our people. Partnership opportunities are on the horizon in sectors such as aviation, infrastructure, power supply, clean technology and agri-foods,” the Minister added.

He noted that the long-term objective in post war Sri Lanka must be to respect distinct identities while working to bring them together to strengthen the whole country, adding that in a time where apprehension between peoples is causing havoc, trust must triumph. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Why do you deleted my comment ,are you scare of Canada policy of so-called reconciliation and accountability?
    Accepts freedom of expressed of different views is the pillar of democracy!
    Not that any part of world that democracy exist only lop sides an opinions.
    The Class society having different interests and different road maps .

    The very interest of Canada and Sri Lankan are totally different in civilization is concern.
    We Sri lanka inherited 2600 years of civilization, but Canada ‘s current history not more than 200 years.
    That gap cannot narrow by few years of modern history.

  2. Hope the Canadian FM Hon. Stephene Dion will urge Sri Lanka on genuine reconciliation and justice. Also the importance of Foreign Judges because the Sri Lankan Judicial system is not ready to deal with War Crimes, Crimes against humanity amounting to Genocide. The entire judicial system is politicized and corrupt. It will take several years to weed out the corrupt and politicized system.
    The UN, US, UK knows this. that is why the call for foreign judges and investigators are recommended.
    Hope Canadian FM will insist on this also.

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