Sri Lankans among nearly 100 workers stranded in the UAE

sri-lankan-authorities-seek-better-wages-and-benefits-for-migrant-workers-0505201410281184Sri Lankans are among nearly 100 workers stranded in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Thomson Reuters Foundation reported.

Indian workers who are among the stranded workers with expired work permits, no pay and limited food, water and sanitation have appealed to the Indian Government for immediate repatriation and financial assistance.

“Please help us reunite with our families,” a migrant said in a video clip, adding that there were nearly 100 workers stuck with no money or documents to get back home.

According to the video appeal, the workers are confined to a camp at Ghayathi in Abu Dhabi and include migrants from Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Fifteen workers from southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, who are among those at a camp for migrant workers, have urged the Indian government to bring them home immediately.

“We received their complaint a few days back and sent it to our mission in Abu Dhabi asking for immediate repatriation and ensuring the companies they were working for pay their salaries,” said an official in the Indian foreign ministry, who declined to be named.

The migrants say they have not been paid wages since November 2015. (Colombo Gazette)