Tamils do not want a separate state says Minister

Mano GanesanMinister of National Dialogue Mano Ganeshan says Tamils in Sri Lanka are not pushing for a separate Eelam state.

Speaking at an event in Hali-Ela the Minister said that the public must not be misled by claims that the Tails want Eelam. (Colombo Gazette)





  1. Mano Ganeshan has to know this country cannot partition by Ethnic separatism of Tamil Eealm and Religion Extremism of Islam Jihadist political -Road map.
    We are the country of successful engaged democratic society since 1948.

    We will resist this anti-establishment movement of Tamils by methods of democracy. Democracy system is foundation of majority Sinhalese and they struggle for rights of ballots for on behalf of whole ethnic-Tamils and extremism Muslim communities in
    Sri lanka.
    Mano has to know that long before majority-Sinhalese who fought for democracy and sovereignty even under the colonial rules 425 years. We are for secular democracy and its sovereignty Sri lanka.

    Why is that majority Sinhalese have rejects anarchism o and Terrorism of JVP in south and Tamil separatism of Tamil Eellamist of LTTE in North of that they wholly worked to defeated anti-democratic forces since last 50 years.

    While TNA political road map is separatism also partition of Island one for Tamil speaking in Sri lanka and world part of Tamils in world. This road map was back by USA ,UK, EU countries and Indian Tamils & their diasporas.

    This Tamil ideology so-called myth story of separatism and federalism carry forward by TNA ,LTTE and Muslim Congress and Upcountry Indian Origin -Tamil plantations coolies. We opposed all types of anti-democracy forces including Mano Ganaghes politics of ethnic road map.
    What is that you have do is join national politics not the Ethnic politics of narrow Separatism or Federalism.

  2. Tamils don’t think or act for themselves, they simply fulfill the India’s and the West’s interests. Asking Tamils what they want is a foolish question.

  3. Mr.Mano Ganeshan cannot speak for the Tamils of the Northern and Eastern provinces. If the majority Sinhala government cannot accommodate the Tamils in power sharing, then the alternative is to go for separation as is happening in other countries.

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