Café Mocha – The Smiles That Make It Worthwhile

Image 5Colombo’s favourite coffee house chain Barista Lavazza recently opened doors to a signature outlet Café Mocha which has in a very short span of time drawn multitudes of coffee-lovers and foodies to savour the difference that the venue has to offer. An extensive menu that goes beyond favourite coffee drinks is specially prepared by Café Mocha’s in-house chef, while the venue has also hosted many one-of-a-kind events at its meeting space located on the second floor. One of the key contributing factors to the outlet’s success has also been the ambiance and atmosphere within the artsy premises.

However, most patrons keep coming back for more and bringing friends and family along for one attribute that perhaps makes Café Mocha stand out among the plethora of cafés around Colombo. From the moment one walks in to the outlet a constant factor you would come across is the smiles spread across the faces of all the staff. Right from the induction training programs that all Barista staff goes through, the idea that every customer is important and needs to be well-looked after is inculcated strongly. This training continues for three months which is then put in to practice across all Barista outlets.

Staff at Café Mocha is quite passionate about their job, the outlet itself and the industry in general. Any one of the staff members you speak to are quite knowledgeable on both the international and local coffee industries and certainly know their products well. They are also self-motivated and work well as a team. Collectively coming up with new initiatives to serve customers better, the staff at Café Mocha also gets the wholehearted support of the management of Barista Lavazza. “Even in difficult situations and handling the odd difficult client, the staff has been able to handle them well without much involvement from the management which definitely needs to be credited,” says Head of Operations Tharanga Perera.

Image 2It is not often that customers are made to feel so much at home in an outlet. What is most evident is that the good vibes that emanate from the friendly staff is genuine and comes literally from the bottom of their hearts. The friendly team truly encapsulates the character and personality of the brand itself. It is only enhanced by an energetic and enthusiastic bunch of guys who truly walk the talk of service excellence.The warm, friendly, inviting atmosphere within the outlet separates you from the busy street life as you enter, while the aesthetics are pleasing to the eye. The images of classic icons hung up on the walls takes you back in time to an era when life was simpler. Add to that an extensive inter-continental menu to choose from and Café Mocha becomes the ideal place to meet with friends or family.

Regular customers such as IrshadZuhiri who visits the outlet at least twice a week says, “Some of the key factors for me to keep coming back to Café Mocha is the friendly staff, the coffee and the atmosphere. The guys here just go the extra mile of attending to each customer’s whims and fancies. If I was to recommend this place to others which I have done multiple times, it would be for the way the staff makes you feel extra-special.”

For more information on Café Mocha please contact 0719 999922.