Opposition raises concerns over submissions sought from diaspora

dinesh-gunawardena-860-05The joint opposition today raised concerns over a call for submissions from the Sri Lankan diaspora on a judicial mechanism with a special counsel to take the reconciliation process forward.

Mahajana Eksath Peramuna (MEP) leader and joint opposition member Dinesh Gunawardena told Parliament today that the submissions had been called for by the Foreign Ministry without informing Parliament.

He read a notice issued by the Sri Lankan Embassy in the US which states that the Consultation Task Force on Reconciliation Mechanisms is calling for submissions from diaspora organisations on the design of structures, processes and measures for truth, accountability, reparations and non-recurrence, i.e. an Office on Missing Persons, an Office on Reparations; a Judicial Mechanism with a Special Counsel; a Truth, Justice, Reconciliation and Non-Recurrence Commission; and any other mechanisms, processes or measures for advancing reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

Dinesh Gunawardena said that proposals have been sought on the judicial mechanism despite President Maithripala Sirisena saying there can be no foreign interference in the judicial process.

He said that it seems the Foreign Ministry is taking arbitrary decisions and not following the policy of the President on the reconciliation process.

Gunawardena called on the Government to respond to the concerns raised on the conduct of the Foreign Ministry by making a statement in Parliament. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Dinesh Gunawardena is too old for politics and grabs every opportunity to criticize the progressive policies of the Government .He is a shame on his father who embraced the UNP policies and was also a Minister in charge of Industries in the 1960s and did an excellent job.The son Dinesh is a rolling stone and tries to still grab Mahinda’s Satakaya to be the leader of the the jokers in the JO.

  2. FM Mangala is out of control. Ranil is praising him when he should criticizing him or sacking him.

    FM only talks to the LTTE diaspora whilst ignoring the Sinhalese and the decent moderate Tamils abroad.

  3. Dinesh you are worse than you damn old father,he was back stabbing SWRD
    get out you old cow
    you are ruining the prliament,you are not worth two cents

  4. Why bother asking? Just give them the Elam that they could not win, because we had a Sinhala Man from down South ruling the Country, who erased the Terrorist Organization.

  5. Too old ? Perhaps too bold in the eyes of the Western boot-licking slavish Yahapals and their best friends the LTTE diaspora. This wretched govt is trying to lead the country towards another blood bath, that is for sure.

  6. We are well aware that the diaspora organizations are under the firm grip of the Western governments. It’s obvious what those organizations would do. Didn’t we learn anything from the Asia’s longest brutal civil war?

  7. I think Dinesh is getting too old for politics. When Sri Lanka is looking for FDI, especially from Sri Lankans who are living abroad, who are now able to get duel citizenship its essential that the Govt of Sri Lanka gets proposals from the diaspora. Further, there are Sri Lankans who are temporarily living abroad who are not foreign citizens, they are also classed diaspora, so there is nothing wrong in getting their opinion as well. When Mahinda Rajapakse was President the tactics carried out by him were directly from the Chinese operation book, so why didn’t this joker open his mouth then?

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